Today we will tell you in detail about the undated My Wonder Planner for 3 months from DARK NOTE.

A little about the characteristics:

Format: 20 x 14 cm

Number of sheets: 36 (72 pages)

3 months undated

Paper: smooth white, 100 g/m2

Sticker set: present

Weight: 140 g


For every 3 months, you can choose your color, which will not have time to get bored, as if it were for a whole year. In total, the glider is presented in 14 colors, from dark and neutral to bright and delicate pastel colors.

Ideal for those who do not like to carry heavy diaries with them. Weight only 140 g, A5 format and 5 mm thick. Fits in any bag or backpack.

Each glider comes with a set of stickers as a gift, with which you can decorate your plans and deeds.

It is not dated, you can start planning today. No boundaries, only plans and creativity!

Inside the glider:

On the first spread, you can sign who owns the glider and where to report if it is found.

Then there are 3 monthly reversals.

On the left side there is a block for the main goals for the month; a list of anti-to-dos that should not be done; list of places to go; list of people to meet.

Below is the entry block. And on the right are lists for personal and work tasks, which are divided into main and secondary.

There are 14 weekly turns in the glider. For each day, you can write down the main goal and break plans for the morning, afternoon and evening. At the bottom there are also blocks with goals for the week, daily tasks and a block for notes.

On spreads with checklists (3 pieces), there are 2 cells for each task, which can be used to indicate that the task has already been started and additionally indicate when it is closed.

With the help of the block with habits, you can control the implementation of daily useful things that you want to introduce into your life. And in the block with ideas, write down ideas and that it is important to indicate the deadlines by which they need to be implemented. After all, without it, they will remain just ideas.

There are 12 spreads with dot markings for records and graphs

If you want to draw or sketch, there are 2 blank spreads for sketching

Short summary:

This glider will cover 95% of your case planning needs, and the remaining 5% has dotted spreads that allow you to add the necessary blocks.

The glider is light and does not take up much space.

A large selection of colors for the covers will allow you to enjoy a new color of the glider every 3 months.

Links to gliders are presented below, order and start planning your business now!


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