I will start with a short quote, which shows that games, in all their manifestations, play a very important role in the life of not only a person, but also humanity.

To win, you must first play — Albert Einstein

So am I. Before winning, he started playing. Of course, it all started with a computer. Then the console. And then the phone, when the difference became invisible to me. Online shooting games are available with almost the same level of graphics, and the drive and joy of the game is no less — competition with other players in real time is now always in my pocket.

Needless to say, the game now is often not just a game for fun. And not even an element of socialization (when peers play PUBG or Fortnite, it’s somehow strange to stay on the sidelines and not be on the wave with friends). Popular bloggers, streamers on YouTube and Twitch earn serious money just by playing! And show it to the general public. Over time, you begin to pay attention to how they do it. Not only in terms of playing technique, tactics, but also in terms of the equipment they use. Branded chairs, good headphones, mice, keyboards. Previously, this was applicable to a greater extent to computers, because for the set-top box, the joysticks are the same for everyone. But things are much more interesting now with mobile gaming.

The mobile gaming industry is one of the fastest growing, if not the fastest growing. There are several reasons:

1. The rapid development of manufacturing technologies for mobile devices;

2. Ease of Internet access and increased access speed;

3. The widest audience — almost everyone on the planet has a smartphone on which you can put a toy. And this is not a computer that is at home — the phone is here, at hand. Are you on the subway, standing in line? I got it and played my favorite game, talked with friends;

4. The realities of the end of 2020 are coronavirus and self-isolation. People have never spent so much time at home! And it’s not always interesting to just chat on Skype, Zoom or call on WhatsApp. For those in the know, there are online games! How much fun it is to complete tasks with friends or fight with a team of rivals for the championship title!

It is the last point that applies to me to a greater extent. But over time, I began to notice that there are players who are head and shoulders above me in reaction speed, in performing simple actions — turn around, duck, determine the place where the fire comes from and find cover. “Well, how! How did you find me so quickly! I lamented. «How did you turn around so fast!» I shouted, shaking my phone, upset by the failed ambush. And then it happened. I saw on YouTube a review of a gamepad for the phone. In my mind, everything fell into place. Having found a suitable one in terms of money (fortunately, the functionality is approximately the same for everyone), and even more in terms of reliability, a model, I ordered it. Two days later, inspired, I was already connecting the gamepad to the phone. Docking went without problems (according to the instructions). I downloaded the application with a bunch of already set settings for the most popular games. Called a friend, connected. From the very first seconds of the game, I realized that victory (well, or prizes) would be ours (well, or me). Moving around the battlefield by controlling the gamepad levers is like flying on wings. Easily. It’s clear. Catlike grace with a deadly cobra reaction. I was wonderful. I was dangerous. As soon as someone opened fire from the flank, I was already aiming him to respond with a burst. Now someone else was shaking the phone and yelling, “Well! How could you turn around so quickly!” And I laughed. I went to victory and rejoiced.

After a match in which our team got rid of 15 players out of 70 (2 people per team, 35 teams, everyone shoots at each other, so taking out almost 25% of the teams is good!) A friend immediately called me and started asking how I pumped my skill like that. I honestly answered that I bought myself a gamepad and now I plan to play like this always. Two days later, the two of us were already doing whatever we wanted.

Of course, over time, we began to notice people like us — with excellent speed of action, well-timed maneuvers, quick change of fire mode and switching between weapons. But the difference is that now we are fighting the best. And we continue to fight, improving our skills. We already easily get into the charts, our rivals recognize us and, most importantly, the game has become much more fun. After all, contrary to the common saying that the main thing is participation, my experience says that

WIN is the only thing worth playing for.


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