How to choose a plus size swimsuit? Also, a sports swimsuit of any other size, but with some important clarifications on which comfort depends.

Wide straps

Large breasts put a lot of pressure on the back, so you should pay attention to technical details, in particular, the width and softness of the straps. Wide straps that support the chest well and do not cut or rub are best suited.


The swimsuit can be open or closed, it does not matter. But the classic arrangement of the straps over the shoulders or the halter (the straps are fastened in front and tied behind the neck) are the most successful options. But models without straps are better not to choose, it can be inconvenient.

dense cup

Optimal support for large breasts is provided by swimsuits with a dense cup and a reliable frame. Pay attention to the material from which the cup is made: it is important that it easily removes moisture and dries quickly.


Like other swimwear, a plus size swimsuit should be made from a tough, durable fabric (and if it’s for the pool, it should also be chlorine resistant). Dense elastic material with lycra is best suited.

Quality of seams and fittings

Pay attention to how the swimsuit is made: even and tight seams are a guarantee that the swimsuit will be durable and will last you a long time. As for accessories, it is better to look for models with metal fasteners and buckles than with plastic ones. Sports models are good because they have no accessories at all — which means there are no problems with it.

In assortment Siman you will be able to find plus size swimsuits that meet these requirements. Let swimming bring only pleasure!


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