Ball lightning is a luminous ball of gas, which, unlike ordinary lightning, occurs not only during a thunderstorm, but also in sunny weather. The size of such lightning is from 10 to 20 centimeters, and the temperature is so high that it can evaporate liquid or melt surrounding objects. Ball lightning occurs unexpectedly in nature and can get into a closed room through a socket or TV, and sometimes flies in through an open window. As a rule, it moves horizontally, but it can unexpectedly freeze in space or deviate from the «old» route. Ball lightning live from a few seconds to several hours, after which they explode.

This phenomenon to this day remains not fully understood, since scientists cannot simulate ball lightning in the laboratory. Without such an experiment, it is impossible to fully understand the phenomenon under study, that is, ball lightning. There are a lot of hypotheses explaining the origin of ball lightning, but none of them is official. It is widely believed that in reality it does not exist — they say, this is only a hallucination. But we are not sure that this is the case. ☺

Due to the fact that ball lightning occurs infrequently in nature, and it is impossible to reproduce this phenomenon in the laboratory, the only source is photo and video footage of eyewitnesses, which cannot be used for scientific research due to their low quality.

Those who have encountered this bizarre lightning are advised to behave as if you met a rabid dog — in other words, do not make any sudden movements, do not throw anything, do not turn your back to the ball and behave as calmly as possible. So there is a chance that the gas ball will not touch you.


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