It is natural and habitual for us that four seasons smoothly replace each other during the year — a cool and rainy autumn flows into a snowy winter, which is replaced by a green blooming spring, which, in turn, turns into a hot and sunny summer. However, this is not the case in all countries. There are places where there are only two seasons — a hot summer with temperatures up to fifty degrees and a rainy season. If everything is clear with the first, then the second may raise questions.

The rainy season is a period of time when a country receives a huge amount of rainfall. As a rule, this time of year is in such countries as Vietnam, Mexico, India, Thailand, Philippines, Dominican Republic. The season runs from May to October. Someone imagines the rainy season as continuous downpours, when water pours like a wall and it is impossible to even go outside. In reality, everything is not quite so sad: the rains, although strong, are most often short-lived and do not take people by surprise. On the contrary, many people are waiting for rain, because after a long heat it is a real breath of fresh air, after which nature comes to life, and you can safely walk without fear of getting a heat stroke.

Those who are going to go to such a country during the expected rainy season should not be afraid that their vacation will be spoiled — just stock up on waterproof clothes and shoes, and remember that being in big water during the rains is strictly prohibited — at this time to the shore sea ​​or river predators often swim up. Otherwise, there are some advantages to traveling during the rainy season: less tourists, cheaper tickets and fresher air. Walking in the parks, going to cafes and shopping centers and sightseeing will not be able to spoil the rain, and, perhaps, will add a lot of positive emotions.


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