Everything new is a well-forgotten old, so you can easily say about tooth powder, which is one of the most ancient dental care products. But if you think it’s something outdated, you just don’t know about dentifrice. Powder is a new look at a well-known remedy.

Why not powder, but powder? Its texture is so light and weightless that it is practically not felt on the teeth. You will fall in love with her the first time.

Choose the right powder for yourself or just alternate them, because each of them is just “Wow!”.

Whitening powders with watermelon and mint flavor or pineapple flavor. Whiten and protect enamel, perfectly clean and freshen breath. The aroma of these fruit babies will not leave anyone indifferent.

Teeth Whitening Pearl Gloss protects and strengthens enamel and gives teeth a unique shine. Special substances in its composition have an anti-inflammatory effect and have a beneficial effect on the gums.

Each powder is suitable for daily use and completely replaces toothpaste. Give your teeth real care, and give yourself the pleasure of brushing your teeth!


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