Due to quarantine, the academic year for graduates turned out to be especially difficult: exams and admission are on the nose, but in what form the OGE and the Unified State Examination will take place and whether they will take place at all is not completely clear. Answers to popular questions will help clarify the situation.

Will the OGE and the Unified State Examination be canceled in 2020 in the context of the rapid spread of coronavirus infection?
No. Sergey Kravtsov, Minister of Education of the Russian Federation, said that the OGE and the Unified State Examination will not be canceled. Changes will occur only in terms of examinations. As for the OGE, everything is much simpler here: only the Russian language and mathematics will become compulsory subjects. Elective subjects are not required in 2020. All exams will be held face-to-face.

The only reason why the USE can be canceled is the continued danger to the health of teachers and students. But experts are confident that by June 2020, the peak stage of covid-2019 will be passed.

Why aren’t exams canceled if this option is the most logical?
The Ministry of Education answered this question unambiguously. The abolition of the USE in 2020 may lead to a biased assessment system. For example, there are only 20 state-funded places on the course, and 1000 people brought a certificate with honors without passing the exam. Who to take? Without the exam, this issue will be very problematic to solve. A situation may occur when really strong guys will not be able to enter the budget. Such a collapse cannot be created, which means that the Unified State Examination must be carried out under any conditions.

How to pass the upcoming exams if teachers and tutors cannot personally prepare children?
Of course, this problem was also raised in the Ministry of Education. In the conditions of an imperfect system of distance learning, it is difficult to obtain real knowledge. But the Federal Institute of Pedagogical Measurements (FIPI) has prepared a special list of guidelines for students who are taking the exam and the OGE this year.

In the list you can find recommendations for self-study for 15 subjects. It will be useful for graduates to study all the tips, since the KIM developers themselves compiled them: they specifically noted which topics or points should be paid special attention to.

Also on the FIPI website, options for KIMs for early delivery are published, for which everyone can practice by studying examples of tasks. Answers for verification to them will be published on the 20th of April.

In addition to the above, the following projects have been prepared for high school students in preparation for the OGE and the USE:

— TV lessons on OTR (since the end of April);
— lessons on the educational channel Tricolor TV;
— free portal «My school online».

What are the dates for the main exams?
Initially, the examination stage was supposed to begin on May 25 (USE) and May 22 (OGE). As of the end of April 2020, exams have been rescheduled.

The main wave of passing the exam is postponed to the following dates:

  • June 8 — geography, literature, computer science;
  • June 11 — Russian;
  • June 15 — mathematics (base and profile);
  • June 18 — physics, history;
  • June 22 — social science, chemistry;
  • June 25 — biology and the written part of the exam in a foreign language;
  • June 26 and 29 — the oral part of the exam in a foreign language.

The exact dates for passing the OGE in Russian language and mathematics are not yet known, but, according to the Minister of Education, the examination period starts on June 9. As for the regions, the heads of their departments can independently designate specific days for passing the OGE in the interval from June 9 to July 31 (the emphasis here will be on the general epidemiological situation).

I have missed my exam dates. What to do?
In this case, one of the exams can be taken on a reserve day. In 2020, they also moved:

  • July 1 — Russian;
  • July 2 — biology and the written part of the exam in a foreign language;
  • July 3 — geography, literature, computer science, oral part of the exam in a foreign language;
  • July 6 — mathematics (base and profile);
  • July 7 — history, physics;
  • July 8 — social science, chemistry;
  • July 10 and 11 are additional reserve days for all subjects.

Due to quarantine, I did not participate in the March early delivery of the exam. What to do?
In 2020, early students (for example, graduates of previous years) can take the exam along with everyone else in the main wave, but on reserve days. There is no need to wait until September retakes, but early exam participants will need to apply to re-register for other dates.

Can exam dates be rescheduled?
Such a possibility is not excluded. However, the Ministry of Education says that even in such a situation, the changes will be insignificant. The final dates for the Unified State Examination and the OGE, officially fixed, will be announced and approved after the May holidays.

Will there be concessions or changes in the access regime during the passing of the exam?
The organization of exams will continue, changes regarding the access regime and measures are not expected.

If the dates of the Unified State Examination are shifted, what will happen to the dates of the selection committees and the deadlines for enrolling in universities?
They will also shift so that universities can properly organize the enrollment process. The Ministry of Education and Science Valery Falkov noted that the work of the selection committees will be extended for at least a few weeks.

Will the score threshold be lowered upon admission?
No changes have been officially announced. In addition, even before the quarantine, many Russian universities raised the bar a little. Whether the score thresholds for applicants will be lowered in the current difficult situation is unknown, but such a possibility is not ruled out. Probably, the final decision on this issue will be taken by the heads of regions separately.


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