Let’s forget that doctors recommend that children watch TV within the Malyshariki series and let’s be honest — the child watches it much more. Not scary! Many parents still remember when they almost set an alarm for a certain time in order to be in time for a cartoon or a movie.

But now you can just choose from the list what you want and turn it on at any time. We have selected five films that are suitable for winter viewing with a child, if it is not quite a toddler who has just started walking. Don’t forget to like. Let’s start

«Home Alone» — only the first two parts!

A classic that has become a hallmark of the New Year holidays. The adventures of the boy Kevin, who was forgotten at home, is not about absent-mindedness or cruelty to unfortunate robbers, but rather about resourcefulness and independent decision-making along with creative approaches to protecting yourself and your home.

«Polar Express»

Dreams come true on Christmas, but the boy stopped believing in him. And then a magic train appears near his house, and the conductor invites him to ride to the North Pole to Santa. What happened next do you remember?

«The Grinch Stole Christmas»

Festive fun annoys the green and hairy hermit from the mountain. And the closer the holiday, the stronger. And the Grinch decides to steal from the Ktors — the inhabitants of Ktograd, the whole Christmas. Great acting by Jim Carrey and a great story

«Charlie and the Chocolate Factory»

All children love sweets and want chocolate. And to get to the factory where they are made is the ultimate dream. But the factory is closed and this is impossible until the owner of the factory, Willy Wonka, hides a golden ticket in five wrappers with chocolate, which gives the right to a tour. Which will forever change the life of both Willy Wonka himself and a poor boy who… Too much information, just look

Raccoon and I are confident that your child will not run away or be distracted while watching, as we know what children love. What is your favorite Christmas movie?


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