If you like to pamper your family with homemade cakes, then you are probably familiar with this problem: the finished pastries must be divided into several layers, but you can’t get neat cakes of equal thickness.

This is how the cakes are usually cut.

Craftsmen prefer to test various ingenious ways. Some arrange an emergency freezing, after which the frozen product is cut with a serrated bread knife — the pastry stops crumbling, which, however, does not at all guarantee a perfect result.

Others operate in a more complex scheme, armed with thick sewing thread, dental floss, fishing line or even thin wire: they take careful measurements, attach toothpicks to the sides of the biscuit, fix and pull the thread right through the cake. Needless to say, the last technique requires remarkable skill — the pastries must be hot, and she obviously will not wait until the inexperienced hostess adapts to the ingenious action.

Fortunately, the situation is still not hopeless. Instead of complicating your life with dubious experiments, you can purchase a simple but very effective device — ring for cutting cakes. The device for cutting cakes allows you to cope with the task as well as a professional cook: you will get beautiful, thin, exactly the same layers in a matter of seconds!

How to use the ring for cutting cakes?

The appearance of the kitchen ring for cutting cakes resembles a regular baking dish, with the only difference being that it has cross cuts. Using this accessory, you will be able to layer the cake into 7 layers of 1 centimeter thick: they will be perfectly even and will not crumble.

Thanks to the detachable stainless steel construction, the layer diameter can be adjusted by the user from 24 to 30 centimeters. The cutting procedure is extremely simple: just insert the knife into the horizontal slot on the side of the mold, and then draw it to the opposite “side” (with a large diameter, the pastries are cut first on one side and then on the other).

Using the cake cutter, you can create thin cakes with professional precision without resorting to drastic methods. The heat-resistant form can be placed in the oven and washed in the dishwasher.


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