Many people think that taking beautiful photos for social networks and making cool videos is possible only with professional expensive equipment. In fact, to get a high-quality picture or video, there is often enough bright light (of course, you still need desire and time, but let’s assume that you have them 🙂

In the conditions of an average apartment or house, it is not so easy to “catch” such a necessary bright light. In central Russia, cloudy gray weather prevails in winter. And artificial standard lighting (such as a chandelier or sconce) is sorely lacking. It is for such cases that ring LED lamps were invented.

They are available to everyone and everyone, because:

safe (no glass or sharp parts)

lightweight (can be carried and transported without difficulty)

Inexpensive (price range from 900 to 3700 rubles)

bright (not inferior to professional lighting equipment)

Convenient (compatible with any smartphone)

Compact (does not take up much space)

simple (even a first-grader will understand the controls)

· universal (adjust to many purposes).

You can use them in different ways:

1. separately as lighting fixture

2. with a smartphone for filming.

The ring lamp is adjustable:

· light

· color


To do this, there is a remote control on the lamp cord (it is also a switch and a traffic controller).

There is a widespread belief that the larger the diameter of the lamp, the brighter the light will be. It is not always so. The brightness of the lamp depends not only on its size and power, but on the power of the power adapter (the so-called plug in the socket). If you buy a lamp with a diameter of 33 cm, and the adapter is 0.5 amps, its brightness will be even less than a lamp with a diameter of 26 cm, but by 2 amps.

According to our experience and customer feedback, a lamp with a diameter of 26 cm is considered the optimal size. For example, 33 cm is already too bulky for an apartment.

What should be in the kit for any shooting to take place:

1. desktop tripod (take pictures while sitting at the table. Very compact, easy to take with you)

2. floor tripod (for shooting standing, full height or horizontally, above the table)

3. swivel joint (to turn the lamp horizontally, parallel to the table or floor)

4. smartphone holder (where to mount the phone. It is universal and extends for different widths of the smartphone)

5. remote control for turning on the Bluetooth camera (not to be confused with the built-in remote control for adjusting the brightness of the lamp)

6. adapter to the socket (to use the lamp permanently, from the socket)

A very handy accessory is the Bluetooth remote control. It connects to any smartphone via Bluetooth, after which it controls the on/off button of the camera. This is very convenient, you do not need to reach for the phone at the end of the shooting to stop shooting, or even run up to it if you are shooting in full growth, for example.

Be careful, not all ring lamps come with the remote control. And buying it separately, as a rule, is much more expensive (the price ranges from 250-400 rubles.)

The ring selfie lamp is equipped with a universal USB connector, so it can work both from a wall outlet and from a laptop. More options: a powerful powerbank or a system unit.

Also note that the power supply to the outlet (aka adapter, aka “plug”), as well as the remote control, do not always come with the lamp.

What is the purpose of a ring lamp?

Take beautiful selfies

apply make-up

remove tiktok

hold zoom meetings

Conduct meetings on Teams or Skype

Capturing live on Instagram

make videos for YouTube

film the process of work (for lash makers, eyebrow artists, hairdressers, make-up artists, artists)

for shooting creativity (sewing, food blogging, drawing, calligraphy, epoxy resin, polymer clay)

shoot expert videos (for accountants, coaches, psychologists, teachers)

as a floor lamp or reading light


· Ring LED selfie lamp is really an indispensable thing today, when every person has something to share with the world and unique content is very much appreciated.

When buying, pay attention to the package: it is always more convenient that everything is included in the kit at once and then you don’t have to run, look for and buy more parts

· ring selfie lamp with two tripods (art. 18332066) comes with a complete set. It has absolutely everything you need to create content.


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