A pet in the house means positive emotions, devotion and love. It is important that the pet grows up active and healthy. One of the key points in this is nutrition. In order to properly prepare the feeding of a pet, it is important to choose the right food (dry or wet food for kittens, then for an adult animal), you need a comfortable bowl for a cat or a dog, a drinking bowl for animals. There are many accessories for animal feeding. But one of the most important for decorating the animal’s eating area is a bowl rug.

Rug under the bowl Helps you keep your floor clean from spilled water, spilled dry food or spilled wet food. There are animals that do not want to eat from a bowl, they are more comfortable from the floor. And in this case, the rug under the bowl will be able to protect the floor and maintain order in the kitchen.

Vita Famoso floor mats are made of lightweight durable material. These mats are also called EVA mats (EVA mats). The surface of the rug is cells in the form of honeycombs, it is these “honeycombs” that collect water and food.

Vita Famoso bowl mats are a guarantee of cleanliness in the kitchen.

The rug has a rectangular shape with rounded corners.

· The size of the mat 50*30 cm is optimal, a bowl for animals and a drinker for animals can easily be placed on the mat.

· The rug is sheathed with a strong tape.

· The tape is matched to the tone of the rug, which ensures the aesthetics of the finished product.

· A strong tape protects the main material of the rug from being chewed by animals, which means that it protects the animal itself from getting particles of the rug into the body.

The bowl mat is easy to care for. It is enough to shake out all the garbage in the trash and bucket and rinse under running water.

The mat is odorless and does not absorb odors or water.

· The rug is very light, the weight of the product is 200 gr.

The bowl mat is a versatile mat.

Vita FAmoso ​​bowl mats have a wide range of applications.

· For a small space, the bowl mat can be used as a tray mat.

· Thanks to its neat appearance, the mat can be used as a dish drying mat. After washing, the dishes can be left on the mat, all the water will drain into the honeycombs of the mat, and the dishes will remain dry. Then you just need to shake the water out of the rug and put it in its storage place.

· These bowl mats can be used as a drying rack for fruits and vegetables after washing.

· The mat is perfect as a bar mat for drying glasses, wine glasses, glasses.

The mat under the bowl can be used as a door mat for wet shoes with sand or winter reagent residues

Choose a bowl mat from the Vita Famoso catalog and make it easier to take care of your pet. Keep cleaning time to a minimum.


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