Knowledge and implementation of the rules for transporting groups of children is one of the most significant legal requirements in the field of organizing school trips or preparing for other children’s activities. The established set of rules must be studied not only by organizing teachers, but also by parents of schoolchildren who plan to participate in organizing excursions for their child! What requirements of the law should be paid attention to in the first place and what is the responsibility for non-compliance and violation of the rules? Let’s consider all the nuances of such an important area together with PRAVOCARD Lawyers!

The legislator clearly regulates the concept of organized transportation of groups of children — transportation in a bus that is not related to a route vehicle, a group of children of more than 8 people, carried out without their parents or other legal representatives.

If your event falls under this category, then it is mandatory to comply with a number of conditions:

  • The list of persons participating in organized transportation is strictly limited;
  • It is obligatory to maintain a list of persons participating in the transportation. If a child or another person previously included in the list does not appear, information about him must be crossed out.
  • Unauthorized persons not included in the list are not allowed on the bus.

Responsibility for compliance with the conditions of transportation rests with the accompanying persons!

Let us consider in more detail the list of persons established by law who may participate in the organized transportation of groups of children:

  • Bus driver

The driver must have experience in category D for one year out of the last two years. A copy of the driver’s license is attached to the list of passengers. It is not allowed to have a punishment in the form of deprivation of rights or administrative arrest during the last year! Before the start of the event, the driver must undergo a pre-trip briefing.

  • Children included in the passenger list

The legislator determines the procedure for adding children to the lists: if the students are minors, then they are included in the list as children, but if the student has already reached the age of 18, then he must already be indicated as an accompanying person. At the same time, if there are children under 7 years old on the lists, then the timetable must be prepared in such a way that the total duration of the trip does not exceed 4 hours.

  • Accompanying persons included in the list of passengers

From January 1, 2021, only one accompanying person is allowed to transport a group of children not exceeding 20 people. In this case, it is necessary to strictly observe the condition of boarding and disembarking passengers only through one door of the bus, near which the attendant is located.

The law does not establish restrictions on the maximum number of accompanying persons, so it is quite possible that there are, for example, 8 children and 20 accompanying persons on the bus.

In each bus, one of the accompanying persons must be appointed in charge. If there are several buses, then a senior attendant is also appointed, who is responsible for all vehicles involved in the transportation. A separate mark is made in the lists, confirming compliance with the established procedure!

  • Medical worker included in the list of passengers.

The participation of a medical worker in the transportation is mandatory only if the trip takes more than 12 hours and there are 3 or more buses in the convoy. In other cases, the presence of a medical worker is not required. If a medical worker is involved in the trip, then he is included in the list of passengers with the obligatory attachment of a copy of a medical license to carry out medical activities or an agreement with a medical organization.

In addition to the rules for the list of persons involved in the transportation of children, PRAVOCARD lawyers recommend that you pay attention to certain requirements for the package of documents required for organizing a trip!

If 3 or more buses are involved in the transportation of children, then a copy of the decision of the traffic police on the appointment of escort or on the refusal to provide escort is additionally required! How to get the required document?

The head or official responsible for ensuring road safety of an educational organization, or a charterer of a vehicle can apply for a decision from the traffic police. The notification is submitted to the regional traffic police department at the place where the transportation began, however, if there is no division at this place, then the notification can be submitted to the regional traffic police. In case of a positive decision on the request, the bus convoy is accompanied by one or more police cars.

The legislator also establishes the procedure for maintaining a list of passengers!

From October 1, 2019, all passengers can be included in a single list and separate sheets for children and adults are no longer required. The lists must include the following information:

  • Who is the participant of the trip — a child or an accompanying person;
  • FULL NAME. passengers;
  • For children, it is obligatory to indicate the age and contact number of the parents;
  • For accompanying persons, a personal phone number is indicated.

Of course, it is important to remember that the road is a particularly dangerous place and in order to ensure the maximum level of protection and safety, it is necessary to comply not only with the rules of the road, but also with the requirements separately established by law! The current legislation provides for administrative liability for violation of the rules for transporting groups of children in the form of penalties ranging from 3,000 to 200,000 rubles!

PRAVOCARD lawyers wish you and your children an excellent academic year and are always happy to help you understand the intricacies of legal norms!


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