Experts say that an aromatic candle is a necessary attribute of comfort in the house, to which you become attached once and for all. Fragrances can improve the quality of life in the same way as good food, quality rest and beautiful clothes.

Create the right atmosphere in minutes

Maybe you also want to swing with impunity in a hammock between coconut palms somewhere on the Mediterranean coast, inhaling the fresh brackish breeze? Or maybe find yourself in an authentic forest house, enjoying the aroma of a smoldering fireplace and fresh wood?

Our sense of smell is able to influence the perception of the world: just one correctly selected aroma and you completely dissolve in it, saturate with new energy and clear your mind of excess. To do this, it is not at all necessary to overcome countless kilometers in search of “the very one” place, you can start by using scented candles that will help create the right atmosphere in a matter of minutes.

In this article, we will consider in detail such a phenomenon as aroma candles, how to use them correctly, how to choose a really high-quality product, and many more exciting “how and why” on this topic. Come with us? It will be interesting.

How scented candles affect the quality of life and what role the raw materials used play in this

Scented candles are designed to use the sense of smell to influence our mind, mood and well-being. Some samples help to cheer up, fill up with energy and catch a wave of activity. Others have the exact opposite effect: they remove anxiety, soothe, relieve tension and help you sleep better.

The market for aroma candles is huge and the supply covers the demand of any nature. Hence the great popularity of aromatherapy with the help of candles, which for many is a daily ritual and an integral part in creating comfort in the house. The success of the whole procedure largely relies not only on the right scent, but also on the quality of the candles themselves. Therefore, the question of what scented candles are made of remains relevant, especially with an increase in the number of manufacturers.

There are several basic options for raw materials: paraffin, natural wax of various grades and stearin (solid fatty acid). For a long time there was a myth that paraffin candles are harmful to health. It was refuted by the National Candle Organization (NCA) proving that high-quality paraffin, as well as natural wax and stearin, does not emit harmful substances when burned.

The key word is “quality” in relation to the paraffin used, because a low-grade version of such raw materials may contain carcinogens that affect the nervous, cardiovascular and respiratory systems. To understand if a scented candle is good in front of you, its cost will help. If not the best paraffin or wax was used for manufacturing, as well as the simplest budget perfume or perfume waste, the price of such a product will be suspiciously low.

These are exactly those scented candles that are better not to include in your aromatherapy card. Already at the first use, you will feel too cloying and not natural aroma, and just in this case, the probability of release of harmful substances during combustion is very high. How to be? Logic suggests one competent way out: to splurge once on candles of the middle or high price segment, the quality of which meets the standards of the NCA and the International Perfume Association.

This is not required to be indicated on the packaging, but it is understood that serious and responsible brands follow these rules. For example, scented candles of the Guzel brand are created on the basis of paraffin and sterol wax using perfume oils from France. This is not just a product that is safe for health, but also a unique opportunity to give your home a multifaceted and special author’s perfume. A set of candles under the Guzel brand can be purchased at Wildberries under article number 66405813.

The aromas of Guzel candles are true French, but not only because they are also created by the hands of French perfumers, but simply because they are by nature: mysterious, unpredictable and able to fall in love with themselves in a second and without a drop of regret.

How to light scented candles correctly so that the aroma is revealed to the fullest

So, we move on to that long-awaited moment when the magic begins: the fire touches the wick, the candle begins to burn and you catch the first notes of the exciting aroma. The following rules will help you feel like a wizard managing subtle compositions:

  • as soon as you light a new candle for the first time, let its waxy surface completely thin out so that the combustion process is even in the future. If this is not done immediately, the appearance of the candle will suffer: unevenly melted wax forms a hole around the wick, and a thick layer of unmelted wax remains on the walls;
  • ventilate the room where you want to reveal the full intensity and depth of the selected fragrance. Extraneous odors must leave the room; to enjoy aroma candles, you need a base in the form of clean and fresh air. We recommend using scented candles within the same room, and even better — one place in the room for the greatest effectiveness;
  • pre-determine an open place for candles in the center of the room and leave it to burn for a maximum of 1 hour (exception: if the wax on the surface does not melt well during the first burning, leave the candle to burn longer, up to 3 hours). On average, one hour of burning is enough for the aroma to fully open up and not start to «suffocate» the room. We do not recommend moving burning candles: the wick will begin to smoke and distort the previously achieved effect.

Well, and most importantly: light candles in a good mood, do it solemnly and beautifully, take everything as a holiday for your soul. After all, this is exactly what will happen if you have chosen the right candle and the right scent.

In the Wildberries online store under article 66405813 you can find a set of scented candles from the Guzel brand. Under the Guzel brand, the site also presents other candles, which you can get acquainted with by entering the Guzel brand into the search. We look forward to your orders! With love for you, Guzel candle brand!


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