Scrub or washcloth, what to choose?

Whose side are you on? 😂

Recently, I often hear the question: what is more correct to use in everyday rituals of body care — a scrub or a washcloth? What is more efficient and useful? 🤔

Let’s figure it out together 👇🏻

There are several aspects that influence the choice of body care products:

1️⃣ Where without a fashionable picture …

Now it is fashionable to take beautiful photos from the bathroom and post them on social networks. Many people pour funds into the same jars to avoid visual noise. Washcloths, for the most part, do not fit into this «Instagram» style, but the scrub in a beautiful jar is very 🤗

2️⃣ A washcloth is a familiar and proven way of caring for the body since childhood, but you need to select a scrub and look for the perfect option for yourself.

3️⃣ Lots of microbes and bacteria accumulate on the surface of the washcloth 🦠which multiply rapidly in humid environments. Dry thoroughly after use and change frequently. Not everyone wants to do this.

4️⃣ You can choose several scrubs: differing in composition, smell and containing various microelements useful for the skin.

5️⃣ You can choose a soft washcloth and lather shower gel for a pleasant experience.

What is right and necessary for you is only your choice and your preferences. Both options: both washcloth and scrub have a place to be 💯

My personal choice is scrubs, many and different, depending on the mood 😊

If you opt for scrubs, like me, then choose the best for yourself. 😉

Apolina scrubs are made with love for you 🤍


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