What are sealants for?

Sealants are our main assistants, which are used when filling the voids formed around water and heating pipes, window and door frames, plumbing and ventilation systems. They are used for simultaneous fastening and sealing of skirting boards, they help to remove gaps during the installation of household appliances. Sealants are designed to make any structure integral, more durable and reliable.

Types of sealants

Trademark HARDY released two types of sealants

1. Sanitary silicone sealant is intended for sealing plumbing fixtures, connections in swimming pools, water supply, drainage, PVC pipes, for sealing the connecting seams of sinks, bathtubs, shower cabins. Resistant to mold, UV, moisture and weathering.

2. Universal siliconized sealant is designed to seal cracks in window and door blocks; finishing the corners between the ceiling, wall, plinth; sealing joints between tiles, panels, sanitary ceramics, etc. All HARDY sealants are used for work in indoor and outdoor conditions, adhere well to most surfaces, quickly cover with a film, thixotropic, do not spread and do not slip along the seam, are resistant to ultraviolet radiation and weathering .


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