The Urals, who are building a country house, know how difficult it is to choose the right materials for finishing the facade and arranging the terrace. There are so many of them on the market now, and each has its own characteristics. Production does not stand still: more advanced materials appear, such as thermowood. It is increasingly chosen by buyers because of its high quality and durability. Thermowood is usually made from local tree species, so the production of thermopine has been launched in the Urals. It has a number of advantages over conventional wood. It does not need complex care (it only needs to be treated with oil every few years), it does not absorb moisture, does not rot, does not shrink from the heat, and is not afraid of mold and pests. The size of the board will not change over time, and thanks to the perfectly finished surface, you can safely walk on it barefoot and not be afraid of splinters.

The material is eco-friendly and hypoallergenic, looks very expensive, aesthetically pleasing and at the same time comfortable. And, of course, the service life — it is more than 30 years. Such material costs almost the same as a wood-polymer composite: the price of WPC in a building materials hypermarket is 3880 rubles per «square», thermopine from the manufacturer — 3790-3990 rubles. That is, the buyer receives natural material at the cost of artificial and will forget about repairs for many years. In the Urals, the AUSWALD plant produces thermopine. Since this is a local production, the wood goes directly to the plant without long transportation and additional impact on the board. The company has a full cycle of wood processing (from the roundwood cutting shop to the packaging line). Heat treatment of wood occurs in several stages — stepwise heating, drying, slow and fast exposure to high temperatures. All this significantly increases the initial building qualities of the material.

The tree retains a unique stem pattern

In production, it is important to observe certain conditions in order for the wood to be durable and superior in its characteristics to other lumber. Pine is difficult to work with conventional carpentry due to its high resin content, but this does not interfere with heat treatment at all.

Own production of a full cycle allows us to produce high-quality products

In addition, heating the wood leads to a more vivid manifestation of an interesting stem pattern on the canvas. Almost all the resin and moisture is evaporated from the pine, and the rest crystallizes inside, which gives the canvas a rich honey hue. Even after decades in the open air, the texture of the material will remain beautiful. It is the heat treatment process that “seals” the tree, protecting it from the effects of precipitation and the scorching sun.

Soon the thermoboard will go to the customer

Today, the plant consists of a round wood cutting shop, a drying complex, a heat treatment shop and a woodworking shop, where trimming, splicing, board processing on four sides and packaging take place. After that, the products go to the warehouse. The full cycle enterprise is equipped with modern equipment. And it is here that ordinary wood is turned into “eternal”.

The plant consists of several workshops and a warehouse

For the manufacture of thermal wood, only pine with a live knot is used, which does not have a black edging in a circle. Otherwise, during processing, its core will begin to “walk”, it may fall out and form a hole.

In a thermal vacuum furnace, pine is about three days — between metal sheets with oil inside, the temperature of which reaches 180 degrees. A vacuum environment is created that allows the board to become moisture resistant.

Terrace board AUSWALD «Premium» grade after coating with protective oil

Sometimes AUSWALD employees need to use manual labor to restore the knot with a special Danish thermal putty. First, it is heated to 130 degrees, and then, when it becomes fluid, it is poured into a knot and pressed with a special mini-press. Later, you need to cut off the extra elements and sand the board — this way it turns out to be smooth, beautiful, with an original pattern.

AUSWALD also produces clips for fastening boards in its own production. The screws go through the clips and do not penetrate the board. This avoids crack vectors, as is often the case with improper installation.

AUSWALD also produces clips for fastening the thermoboard

The company has almost no competitors in the Urals, and the demand for thermopine grows over the years. The plant has been operating in Nizhniye Sergi since 2020. More and more buyers come to the AUSWALD showroom in the ASTROOM interior center in Yekaterinburg — the salon was opened a year later. Here you can see product samples.

Thermopine is used not only for arranging the terrace. It is ideal for facade cladding. The board creates a warm cozy atmosphere on the site, harmoniously integrated into the natural environment. And, again, over the years does not lose its attractiveness.

In addition, thermowood has high thermal insulation properties. Facade decoration made of such material keeps heat in the house and creates a natural microclimate.

A similar finish can be done indoors.

Also, thermopine is used for arranging paths, decking, baths and saunas, and making garden furniture. You can calculate the cost of any product on the company’s website.

The showroom is located on the sixth floor of the Astrum Innovation Center

Worth coming here to see product samples

Each visitor of the showroom will be treated to a delicious gingerbread


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