The second chin appears for the following reasons:

  • Bad posture
  • Loss of skin elasticity
  • Violation of lymphatic drainage due to incorrect functioning of the lymph nodes
  • The habit of slouching, looking down (on the phone)
  • Overweight

How to remove the second chin

1. Strengthen the muscles of the cervical region with the help of special exercises

They will help keep your head straight and not slouch. These are simple and popular exercises that do not require additional simulators and tools. One of the examples is below in the picture. Repeat each exercise 5-10 times daily.

For convenience, you can search for more similar exercises using the query «cervical exercises» and perform them.

2. Improve lymphatic drainage and skin elasticity

This is the most pleasant and easy part for you. To improve lymphatic drainage and increase elasticity, use the special ALGINATE concentrate: Detox + weight loss, restoration of skin relief. The combination of natural ingredients accelerates the metabolism in tissues, triggers the natural burning of excess fat without the use of injections and special solutions.

The detox composition improves blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, has a pronounced detoxifying effect, cleansing the skin and intercellular space, improving microcirculation, eliminating congestion, swelling, removing toxins.


1. Add to face masks;

2. Make compresses on the chin area;

3. Add to baths. With this method of use, the effect of the concentrate extends to the entire body.

4. Use for wrapping problem areas with cellulite.

3. Watch your diet and activity

— Remove fatty and fried foods, fast food, sweets, sweets and pastries from the diet.

— Be physically active. If the gym, fitness and training are beyond your control, rememberthat even a simple walk is better than staying at home motionless.

Download a pedometer on your phone that can count the steps you have taken in a day every day. Try to walk 10,000 steps a day. It’s not as much as it seems 🙂


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