Undoubtedly, a nice addition to any gift is a postcard. Looking at the assortment of various gift shops for loved ones, every time we look at the delightful options for greeting cards: classic and voluminous, shiny and matte, rectangular and round …

But the creative industry doesn’t stop there! Today you have the opportunity to buy not only postcards, but also purchase a special set to create them manually. We will introduce you to unusual postcard making kits from the Snow White brand, and we will tell you how such kits differ from ready-made options, and in what ways they have similarities.

Various sets for creating postcards

The company «Snow White» will please you with original thematic sets. Whether it’s a traditional holiday — New Year’s Eve, Christmas, birthday, Valentine’s Day, wedding or anniversary, February 23, March 8 or even an idea to create a carefree spring-summer mood!

Sets of cards «Snow White» will help you congratulate your loved ones on important holidays — New Year, wedding or Valentine’s Day

What is it?

We will consider the theoretical part of the questions and start with the fact that scrapbooking — this is type of handicraft, thanks to which you can assemble a wonderful photo album from the offered components. The trade mark «Belonezhka» also has a wide range of sets for creating photo albums for any occasion. «Cardmaking» — this is scrapbooking subspeciesas a result of such a children’s and adult lesson, unusual home-made postcards are obtained.

There are various execution techniques: applications, collages, painting, printing, hand painting and many others. fashion direction in cardmaking is the creation of postcards using the scrapbooking technique using almost the same materials.

Main similarity between homemade and classic ready-made postcards made of cardboard appears in a high-density material, a variety of shapes and base coatingsthe use of various decorative elements.

Benefits of postcard making kits:

interesting pastime on the creation of one or several products at once;

development of imagination and gaining experience in the implementation of ideas from the components of the set;

Opportunity to try yourself as a designer;

and, of course, an incredibly beautiful, original and memorable gift for loved ones.

Each set for making postcards has not only thematic diversity, but also differs in the number of postcards created. Thanks to the company «Snow White» you can create postcards in the amount of 3, 6 and 10 pieces, and even buy a set to create one designer postcard!

It is included in the kit?

Consider the complete set for manufacturing 3 postcards:

1. 3 blanks for postcards (postcard size 115 x 170 mm);

2. 3 envelopes;

3. Adhesive pads;

4. Decorative elements: paper cutting, sequins, rhinestones, half beads.

Sets for creating 3 postcards

Crafting kit 6 postcards consists of the same components, but you can create products in two sizes. So, the size of a small postcard is 115 x 170 mm, the size of a large postcard is 115 x 210 mm.

Sets for creating 3 postcards

Creation set 10 postcards in addition to blanks, envelopes, glue pads and decorative elements, it consists of 4 sheets of scrapbooking paper. The size of the postcard in this case is 115 x 170 mm.

Set for creating 10 postcards

Consider the package design postcard on the example of a set «The tuxedo» from the company «Snow White». The set was designed by designer Irina Zvereva.

1. Blank for a postcard measuring 115 x 170 mm

2. Cardboard elements: cuff, pocket, shirt, lapels

3. Satin ribbon

4. Brads (elements in the form of a carnation or clips)

5. Rhinestones with spikes

6. Instruction

Set for creating postcards «Tuxedo»

How do the elements of the set fit together? How to collect a postcard?

The answers to these questions are as simple as the process itself! The components of each set for making postcards are harmoniously combined with each other and matched to a specific topic that interests you. All parts in most kits are cut out, so you don’t need scissors. This makes the process safe even for the little ones.

The composition of the set for creating a postcard

let’s move on to the assembly process congratulatory compositions.

one. Cardstock (preparation for a postcard) is a dense base, which can be of different sizes, plain or with a pattern. In the kits for creativity from «Snow White» blanks are already folded.


2. Background. In rare cases, decorative elements are placed directly on the workpiece. Scrapbooking paper is most often used as a background. You can choose according to compatibility and purchase it separately among the offered assortment. It is better to cut out the background with a breadboard knife.

3. Substrate (thick paper) has a contrast with the background and is glued to the adhesive pads. Adhesive pads It’s a great replacement for superglue. They allow you to stick the substrate and decor element to the surface of your postcard, highlight and create the effect of three-dimensionality of the object.

four. decorative elements — the main decoration of your postcard. Cuttings, bright thematic pictures, borders, brads, ribbons, rhinestones, half beads, sequins, sequins … It is better to glue the listed details with Moment-Crystal glue.

Adhesive pads and decorative elements

5. Congratulatory inscription. In the sets from «Snow White» the inscriptions are presented in the form of cuttings. However, they can also be handwritten or printed and then issued on a separate label.

6. Design of the inner part of the product, business cards-congratulations. You can also write a congratulation by hand on a separate sheet of paper or print it out and then stick it on the backing. In addition, most of the sets already include business cards-congratulations, which will greatly facilitate the design process.

Business cards-congratulations from «Snow White»

Use all the details of the kit and feel the wide space for creativity. The main thing: create as you please personally.

So, cardmaking is an easy creative process filled with sincerity and love. Homemade postcards are, first of all, a joy not only for an adult, but also for a child. It’s incredible how easy it is to give a little man a smile and watch the amazing radiance of children’s eyes with the help of a couple of handmade cards. What can we say about those who are older, but with the same gleam in their eyes accept such a chic surprise.

Indulge in this precious pastime with the ready-made kits for creativity from the company «Snow White». Dream, experiment, give love and impress the hearts of your family and friends!


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