When we imagine carpeting in a bedroom or a nursery, a fluffy rug looms in our imagination, in the long pile of which our feet are buried and it is a pleasure to walk on it. Such products have a special name — shaggy, which means «fluffy».

The popularity of such coatings can be explained by the following features.

  • Stylish. You can choose from a variety of colors of coatings with a long pile, as well as with a diverse and colorful texture. Putting Shaggy in your living room means keeping up with fashion and style.
  • Comfort. By purchasing this flooring, you get an incredibly soft and pleasant Shaggy carpet, which is very pleasant to walk barefoot on.
  • High quality. Wear resistance is guaranteed by modern technologies that use both artificial and natural materials. It should be noted that Vitebsk carpets do not fade in the sun and are absolutely safe for health.
  • Democratic price. Although Vitebsk carpets are very lush, they are inexpensive.

These are the most important characteristic features and advantages of this material.

The peculiarity of the carpets is long villi having different thicknesses. Due to this structure, the product is soft, dense and lush. Most often, these models are used:

  • as decoration in the interior;
  • for additional soundproofing of the floor;
  • as a heater for the floor in children’s rooms. Such a path will appeal to a baby who is just starting to crawl.

The process of manufacturing carpets with long pile involves the implementation of several technological stages. It all starts with the creation of a base of dense fabric. Further, with the help of special equipment, a dense and fluffy pile is formed from a polypropylene thread. All work is carried out on machines, as a result, the process is simplified and does not require much time.

How to care for a shaggy carpet

  • first of all, crumbs and other dry contaminants of the coating are removed with a special brush or broom;
  • You can use the vacuum cleaner once every 14 days or less. Moreover, the processing of the carpet is carried out on both sides;
  • to increase the interval between using the vacuum cleaner, it is advisable to shake Shaggy regularly;
  • in the winter season, a good way to care is snow cleaning. To do this, the coating is laid with a pile down, sprinkled with snow and swept with a broom;
  • the minimum period between chemical cleaning is 1 year.


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