Choosing the right children’s shoes is an important and responsible event. The choice of interchangeable shoes for a child should be given special attention, because our children spend 8-9 hours a day in kindergarten.

What qualities should have the «right» shoes?

The most suitable replacement shoes for kindergarten are sandals. They are light and comfortable, and also meet the necessary parameters, thanks to which the kids will play and frolic all day long without harm to health. These shoes contribute to the full healthy development of children’s legs, the formation of posture and are comfortable to wear.

It is worth noting that the feet do not sweat in them either in autumn or in winter, when the heating is on in the premises, and if it is cool in the garden, you can wear tights with socks under the sandals so that the legs do not freeze.

It is acceptable that the upper material is made of artificial leather, and the inner material is made of natural or breathable textiles. Such models are slightly cheaper, which is important for parents of rapidly growing children, when they often have to update their shoes.

The insole material had to be natural, breathable, and the arch support, which is needed to maintain the arch of the foot in a normal position, should be soft.

Shoes should not be too loose or too tight, for this it is necessary to determine the exact size of the foot. One of the options for a win-win sizing is to measure the insole of the shoe, which is comfortable for the child and choose the right size based on this parameter. Remember that when choosing shoes, a margin along the length of the foot is allowed up to 1 cm, but no more.

You also need to pay attention to the heel: it should be high, strong and securely fix the heel. The toe of the sandals should cover the baby’s toes to protect the fidget from possible injuries.

The sole of children’s shoes should be non-slip and flexible, and a wide and low heel is also important. The Thomas heel, a special orthopedic heel with a long inner surface, also helps in correcting the foot.

A child in the garden often has to change shoes after a walk or sleep, so the fastener should be comfortable and simple. Velcro is the most suitable option.

Choose the right children’s shoes!


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