As you know, shoes for the elderly should be different high level of comfort and quality natural materials.

«Shoes from Serbia» offers dozens of comfortable models that will be an excellent solution for those whose feet need special care. Anatomical models and models with orthopedic effect are presented in various colors and prints, which are perfect for both women and men.

What should you know?

A distinctive feature of quality shoes is their lightness, effect of «imperceptibility». For older age categories, a pair of slippers should be practical; do not constrain the movement of the foot while walking. It is important that shoes have minimum seams soft breathable upper comfortable sole. Models often differ the presence of an arch support, massage or orthopedic insole.

It is worth remembering the main attribute of shoes — natural skin. Indeed, shoes made of genuine leather are always the right choice for all ages, because such shoes do not rub and are long-lasting to wear. Breathable and prevents the formation of moisture inside the shoe.

Another important point is Adjustable straps and Velcro on shoes. Indeed, with age, many people have the problem of swelling of the legs, and it is these fastening options (front or back) that are a great way to fix a comfortable position of the foot of any size in a slipper.

When choosing shoes for the mature generation, it is worth considering the physiological characteristics of this category. Often in the elderly, thermoregulation of the skin is disturbed, which entails sweating of the feet. Therefore, in the hot season, it is recommended to purchase a breathable pair of shoes with perforations and a soft, elastic insole. The importance of high-quality insoles and soles is due to the fact that with age, the muscles of the feet weaken, and flat feet form. As a result, the load is distributed incorrectly, which leads to deformation of the feet, increased pressure on the spine and joints.

Everyone should take care of their health and not only in old age. You can start by buying correct, suitable shoes. Our store «Shoes from Serbia» offers many options for clogs for all ages, as well as for those with various foot problems that require special attention (flat feet, problem bones, high or low instep, etc.).

Clogs for work, clogs for home, open clogs with perforations, closed clogs, adjustable clogs with a strap, etc. The range is rich in summer shoes — adjustable summer sandals made of genuine leather and natural cork for both women and men. Anatomical leather sneakers and more.

In the production of the clog line, all the recommendations of specialist doctors were taken into account.

Choose quality!

-Shoes from Serbia


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