You bought new shoes, it would seem that there should be no limit to happiness, but as soon as you took them off, you saw that your socks or tights were stained. If the shoes are not of high quality, then they can be returned to the store. However, even a quality product can deliver such unpleasant surprises. A natural question arises: what to do if the shoes paint the legs?

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Manufacturers of shoe care products have developed special formulations that eliminate the problem of stained shoes. Most often they are available in the form of a spray. Shake the spray and spray evenly on the inside of the shoes, allow to absorb and leave to dry completely. When re-staining, you can repeat the procedure.

  • Hair spray

Hairspray, which is sold in any store, will help to fix the color of the shoe lining. We process shoes with them and remember that the varnish can be washed off, which means that this method will not work for the autumn-winter period. Spray the inside with varnish and let dry. The paint will set a little. This treatment must be repeated several times. After 4 procedures, the paint will stop painting the legs.

  • Alcohol

Ordinary medical alcohol will also help in this treatment of shoes. However, one point must be taken into account: alcohol does not fix the paint, but, on the contrary, serves as a means that washes it off. Soak a cotton pad in rubbing alcohol and rub the inside of the shoes. After complete drying, you can put on a pair without fear.

  • Vinegar

Ordinary table vinegar is a great helper in solving the problem of staining shoes from the inside. And that’s all, because the acid acts as a color fixer and at the same time eliminates the unpleasant smell of shoes, if any. Pour some 9% vinegar into a spray bottle and spray liberally on the inside of the shoes. Then leave them to dry. Airing your shoes in the fresh air will get rid of the vinegar smell.

  • Talc or starch

Talc will also help to cope with this problem. Instead of talc, you can take starch or baby powder. Sprinkle talcum powder inside shoes and gently rub into problem areas. Collect the rest with a rag.

  • insoles

To prevent old insoles from being painted, you can replace them with new ones. Opt for natural insoles. materials to let your feet breathe. The insoles come in different shapes and colors, but so that they are definitely not painted, it is better to stay on white or light ones.

Try one of the above methods and after a few treatments, you will notice that the shoes have stopped staining the legs. Subscribe to our blog and choose comfortable shoes!


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