Finding good winter and autumn shoes for children can sometimes be difficult. Parents are faced with a difficult task: shoes or boots must be comfortable, breathable, waterproof. One of Antelope’s proprietary technologies makes it possible to produce shoes that meet these three criteria. That’s what we’ll talk about in our review.

What is an A-TEX climate membrane?

A-TEX is a special waterproof material (climate membrane) that is located between the materials of the lining and upper of the shoe. The A-TEX membrane has micropores that are 20,000 times smaller than a drop of water and at the same time 700 times larger than a vapor molecule, thanks to which this material does not allow moisture to enter the shoe and removes evaporation, which allows the legs to «breathe» and stay dry.

Where is the A-TEX membrane located in shoes?

The A-TEX membrane is laid in the upper layer of the leather or laminated into the textile base of the upper material of the shoe, after which it is carefully and reliably sealed. The sandwich construction sealed in this way ensures a secure connection and prevents movement of the inner layers. Thus, the finished pair of shoes wears out less. High water resistance and amazing breathability will ensure optimal temperature for children’s feet in any, even in the harshest conditions.

What is important to know about membrane shoes?

Autumn membrane shoes are lightweight, designed for positive temperatures and heavy rainfall. In addition to the basic properties of membrane shoes, in this technology, the material of the shoe upper is especially important, which can withstand moisture and protect from wind. When choosing membrane shoes for autumn, you should pay attention to shoes with a rubberized edging soldered to the sole, as an additional protection against moisture. Winter membrane shoes have additional insulation, designed for frosty weather and temperature drops to the plus mark. The upper material is somewhat different from the autumn material, softer, has a high density, otherwise it has a similar water-repellent property and protects from the wind.


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