It’s no secret that even the most interesting book read is forgotten over time. Events are erased in memory, characters fade. And after six months or a year it is already difficult to remember what exactly was discussed. Well, if the plot can be recreated. But more often than not, even that doesn’t work.

And now time has passed, and you will find out that this author has published a new book, or maybe the writer has created a continuation of the previous one. Is it worth it to buy a paper version (electronic version)? Or not? Acquaintances respond too contradictory … You tense up, worry; some fragmentary emotions associated with the work emerge. Or was it a different romance? Or maybe another author? Head is spinning! How to be? Reread? What if there isn’t enough time?

None of this will happen if you keep a Smart Reader Diary. All major events are marked, the characteristics of the heroes are given. Moreover, through the prism of specifically your perception. And even a small essay is available. We looked — and that’s it, there was a picture! It was as if they were transported months ago when they first opened the work. At least read a lecture, at least give consultations on what you have read, at least write a review or an essay!

This is how the Smart Reader Diary works. But he will become smart only thanks to you. It is you who fill in the empty pages, convey to the paper your impressions, emotions caused by the book. And write your own manual on literature, history, geography, psychology — but you never know what you read about!

And now the insidious interlocutor will not be able to drive you into the paint with an unexpected question. Here, everything is documented! One has only to look, and there will be no delay in formulating the answer! Moreover, you yourself can pin anyone to the wall.

Now electronic versions are in vogue. But a paper notebook is often more convenient. It can be used on a long trip, where there is no Internet, where there is often no light. Read and write! And everything will last for a long time!

And finally, about one more property of the Smart Book. Writing by hand is much more useful than typing on a computer or phone. Fine motor skills stimulate the brain, and the lack of text editors trains memory. To write correctly, you need to remember the rules of the Russian language! Well, or learn again …

Yes, and the most useful! Such a Smart Diary will be extremely necessary for those who are going to take the exam. The test has a special block where you need to specify the characteristics of the characters, the places where the action takes place, and small details. I wrote it down in Smart Notepad — it means I remembered it! And there are answers to difficult questions!


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