Greetings! I am a mother of two daughters with 5 years of experience. My girls really do not like to dress from childhood, from early childhood, that is, from the cradle. If you are familiar with this, then in my review I will tell you in detail how we got out of this situation.

The cold starts and we, like cabbage, equip our kids for the street — tights, T-shirts, sweaters, socks, pants, jackets, etc. And as practice shows, it takes a lot of time… And if there are two or three children?!

One day, or not so good, the eldest daughter really, really didn’t want to wear pantyhose (well, you know how children can not want to) and dancing with tambourines did not help in any way, but only aggravated the situation, although it’s even worse … screams … tantrums. And the decision was simple — put on a fleece overalls, a demi-season suit on top and everyone is happy that they finally went for a walk, although it had already darkened out on the street.

And for 4 years now we have been wearing fleece overalls as underwear for demi-season and winter suits. In the kindergarten, the child is always the first to dress and every day he proudly tells me about it. And for children in the kindergarten it is very important to be the first and it is important for me that our decision brings joy even at this moment.

The first one was too thick. Well, what if the child is cold. With the first child, everything is new, everything is unknown. In our understanding, thick means warm. I even chose a very thick winter overalls. The child in it was like a snowman and could not move at all. Imagine tights, a thick fleece undergarment and a thick snowsuit over the top. And I was also worried that the child did not walk well, I thought that there were problems in neurology. Therefore, based on my experience and the experience of other mothers, I want to tell you what you need to pay attention to when choosing a fleece underwear.

1. Cuffs on sleeves and legs must be knit, not fleece. Knitwear is easy to tuck into socks and mittens. Fleece cuffs are thicker and already refueling will be problematic.


2. The overalls should not be tight, should have a margin for comfortable movement. A tight-fitting jumpsuit will hinder movement when sitting, for example.

3. The zipper on the collar must have a protective valve so that when fastening it does not pinch the child’s chin. The child cried a lot when it happened.

4. It is necessary to wear synthetic or mixed clothing under the membrane. Fleece overalls are perfect. The fleece undershirt retains heat and removes moisture well from the body, and accordingly, the child is less likely to freeze.

5. I do not take underwear with a tape on the lock. The bright fashionable ribbon on the lock looks very nice, I thought, until this ribbon was chewed into the zipper of a winter jacket. And this happened all the time, and not only with the child.

6. I choose a jumpsuit only with a straight zipper, which does not go to the side on the knee. She constantly interfered with the child when he sat down and knelt down.

7. Well, one more important point, we choose a stand collar to protect against the wind.

8. Fleece should not creak and feel unpleasant to the touch. The fleece from which the overalls are made should be soft.

Considering the main aspects of the choice, we have created a practical model of fleece underwear for your kids.


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