The human brain, like the system unit of a computer, controls all processes in the body. In particular, it protects us from «overheating» associated with the study of complex chemical formulas and their memorization. Knowing this, marketers hide all the chemicals behind short and attractive names.

Therefore, such a phrase as «sodium percarbonate» few people know.

But we meet with him in everyday life regularly:

Sodium percarbonate — a powder obtained by crystallizing a mixture of soda and hydrogen peroxide.

In a dry environment, it is stable, but in water a chemical reaction occurs with the rapid release of atomic oxygen. Being a powerful natural oxidizing agent, it binds and removes all types of contaminants from surfaces. Therefore, it is widely used in new generation bleaches.

Sodium percarbonate is used as a disinfectant. Especially where the work is related to children or the risk of developing allergies; Carpet and upholstery cleaners also often contain sodium percarbonate.

After all, it is suitable for all types of fabrics, except for delicate ones — wool and natural silk. It does not damage the structure of the fibers and does not adversely affect the color.

Atomic oxygen released during the splitting of sodium percarbonate is the most powerful oxidizing agent in nature. Therefore, it is able to cope not only with stains on clothes, but also with grease, yellow coating on plastic, traces of felt-tip pens and other contaminants.

The possibilities of sodium percarbonate are so wide that it is worth considering: do you need other means?

And most importantly, it does not provoke allergies and is absolutely safe even for small children.


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