Flexible glass: what is it — another invention of marketers who are trying to sell snow in winter with an intriguing name? Or a really useful technological novelty that can simplify the life of housewives? Let’s figure it out.

What is soft glass and where is it used

Soft (flexible) glass is a PVC material that was invented in Korea. Indeed, it has many of the properties characteristic of glass: transparent, durable, airtight, and transmits light well. But, unlike traditional glass, the soft analogue does not break and takes any shape. These remarkable properties allow it to be used in various fields. For example, to «glaze» them with verandas, gazebos, make sheds for summer cafes, shelter yachts. Curtains made of dense PVC cut into strips are used in the equipment of warehouses and production workshops. Such a curtain does not darken the room, allows people to pass freely and vehicles pass, but protects from drafts and cold. But most of all, practical housewives fell in love with soft glass. After all, tablecloths, table linings, window sills, and other furniture are made from it. This coating will protect any surface from a variety of damage and pollution, because it:

  • durable;
  • heat resistant;
  • water repellent;
  • does not absorb fat;
  • easy to clean;
  • does not slip on the table;
  • muffles sounds;
  • Easily cut to fit any table top.

    Some housewives have doubts whether PVC linings emit harmful substances, are they acceptable in the kitchen? We hasten to reassure you: polyvinyl chloride is an absolutely safe material that is widely used in medicine. Tubes for droppers, bags for solutions, blisters for pills — all this is made of PVC and does not harm patients at all.

    Soft glass is usually referred to as coatings of 1 mm or more. They are heavy, flexible and smooth. Delivered rolled up. After untwisting, they are quickly smoothed and leveled. They can be transparent, matte (corrugated), “tinted” in black or brown, with a printed pattern. Remember, before, almost every desk had glass, so that a daydreaming schoolboy would not write or scratch something on the table top, would not accidentally spoil furniture that was so hard to get? And under it there was certainly a calendar, a schedule, bright clippings from magazines. Today, the function of a glass sheet is successfully performed by an overlay made of two-millimeter transparent PVC. It is heavy — it does not crawl on the table, reliably presses any “reminders”, protects the surface of the countertop from ink stains, scratches and other troubles. In the kitchen, it will bring even more benefits: it will protect the countertop from scratches, bumps, exposure to hot dishes, spilled coloring liquids. Keeps the textile tablecloth clean.

    Now you know exactly what soft glass is and how it can be used. We are sure that your home will also find the use of this universal thing.


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