Green tea is a storehouse of nutrients! It contains natural substances that prolong the youth and beauty of the skin, prevent the appearance of wrinkles, and also protect it from photoaging — and this is the main cause of wrinkles, age spots and other age-related changes on the skin.

The main feature of green tea is that it improves the condition and appearance of any type of skin and contains natural substances that are necessary for it at any age.

Polyphenols — the main wealth of green tea — have outstanding antioxidant abilities, are able to actively and successfully suppress the destructive effects of free radicals. Vitamins and minerals.

Green tea contains vitamins of group B and vitamin C. They strengthen capillaries, make them more elastic and durable. This is an excellent prevention of rosacea and rosacea.

Caffeine has a tonic effect, removes puffiness, especially under the eyes.

Tannins have an astringent effect, reduce excessive secretion of skin sebum, thereby leveling the reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms on the skin.

As a result, thanks to the anti-inflammatory action, you get an even complexion without redness and rashes! Helps problematic acne-prone skin to unclog pores.

PULANNA Green Tea series are two-phase cosmetic products that help to cope with various skin problems. Perfect balance and protection for your skin at any age!

Recommended for use from 18 years of age.

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