In summer, the question «what to wear?» becomes especially relevant. After all, you want to look stylish, and at the same time not roast alive under the scorching sun. KALYAEV understands how to combine style and heatstroke protection into his everyday look.

The first tip is to wear natural fabrics in pastel shades in the heat. In summer, pale blue, light gray, beige and other tones look very good and immediately give at least a visual feeling of coolness and tranquility. And also such clothes attract noticeably less heat than things of dark deep colors. Therefore, save the little black dress for the evening when the heat subsides, and during the day wear light dresses, suits and blouses with trousers.

Tip number two — if you are ready to try on monochrome images, then in the summer there is no better option than total white. Everything should be white: a bag, sandals / ballerinas, a hat, a top, and a bottom. It is important that things for the ensemble have exactly the same shade: milky, boiled white or cream. Mixing cream with milk is not worth it, as this violates the canons of the «totally white» look.

The third piece of advice is that although a loose-fitting summer outfit is welcome, in general, an ensemble of a loose-fitting T-shirt and wide-leg pants can look boring. To fix this, simply swap out your T-shirt for a long shirt, roll up the sleeves slightly casually to your elbows, and unbutton a couple of buttons at the top. So the body will be cooled better, and the whole image will be characterized by casual style. Or, in a pair of loose cut, choose not simple wide trousers, but knee-length shorts with tucks at the bottom.

Tip number four — pay attention to textures. Translucent synthetic fabrics often look cheap and somewhat vulgar, and a silk top or scarf around the neck will give the whole look an elegant and more expensive look, even if the rest of the wardrobe looks discreet and concise.

Fifth advice — since it is impossible to create a multi-layered image in clothes in summer, you can easily try to compensate for this by selecting and mixing a wide variety of accessories. Large earrings, several bracelets on the wrist at once, three or four chains of different lengths, visible in the neckline of the dress or in the open collar of the shirt, a scarf tied to the handle of the bag, the bag itself with a bright decor, suitable for the type of face and protecting the eyes from harmful radiation sunglasses , a belt with many rivets on jeans — choose, combine, compare the final result. Accessories are good because you can create a stylish look with them, easily adding, subtracting and replacing individual elements. But in order to avoid «overload» as a base, use the simplest and lightest clothes.

And the last, sixth tip — tasteful bright shoes can also become an accent in a laconic look. Sandals, shoes, ballet shoes — the presence or absence of a heel is determined only by your desire. Acid color, a large flower made from pieces of fabric or leather as a decor on a toe or strap, rhinestones, golden embroidery — any similar detail on shoes will add attractiveness to your look and make it interesting.

Naturally, in the summer you should wear only shoes made from natural materials, and not make your feet sweat and sweat under a layer of artificial leather or synthetics.


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