Choosing and buying urethral probes is only the first step on your way to a new kind of sexual pleasure: sounding or urethral masturbation.

This guide aims to cover everything you need to know about using urethral stimulants.

What is a urethral probe?

A urethral probe is a long rod, usually made of stainless steel or silicone, that is designed to be inserted into the urethra.

Traditionally, they have been used as medical devices to help unblock or examine the urethra in cases of infections or other problems.

In recent years, however, people have begun to enjoy their use.

How to stimulate the urethra

When it comes to using urethral probes, the preparation phase will always come first.

There are several risks to avoid during a session, and careful preparation will help you manage them.

  • The first thing you need to do is make sure your probe is completely sterilized.

The urethra picks up bacteria very easily from anything you put into it. Because most probes are made of stainless steel or silicone, sterilizing them is a simple process. In most cases, boiling will do the job, Miramistin / chlorhexidine or special antiseptics for toys will also come to the rescue.

Don’t forget to clean your probes both after and before using it, even if it’s just laying between uses.

  • The second step is lubrication.

Like almost any sex toy you use, properly lubricating your probes will make the whole process a lot safer and more enjoyable.

You need to apply a large amount of lubricant to the entire tube, and you can also apply lubricant to the urethral opening.

Please note that not every lubricant is suitable for sounding! We wrote more about the choice of lubricant below.

  • The next step is the one you’ve been looking forward to: pasting.

This must be done carefully and slowly. You must be as relaxed as possible.

For men (mostly) it is much easier to insert the tube before

how the penis becomes erect. You just need to position it at the entrance to the urethra and gradually let it slide in.

Often when you insert your probe, you may find that you reach a point where it gets stuck a bit.

This will be the point where most people want to push a little to get through, and this is exactly what you should NOT be doing. In most cases, this is due to your tension, and simply relaxing and waiting a couple of minutes will allow him to move on.

If it still doesn’t budge, you can try gently turning the probe so that it advances again.

Once the toy is inside, you can try experimenting with it.

No matter how you move the probe, keep lubricating it as needed. If it dries out, the sound can become quite painful.

If you want to go deeper, try changing the angle of penetration. The urethra has a natural curvature at one point, so changing the angle can help push the toy further. However, it shouldn’t be painful, so if you encounter any serious resistance or discomfort, stop.

Once the probe is comfortably inserted, you can start stimulating your penis to bring it to an erection. You can also slide the toy in and out to enhance the experience. Experiment until you find out what works best.

Tips for safe play

* Do not use or take medications that can drown out any sensations. An injection of lidocaine or any other local anesthetic is dangerous, won’t let you know your limits, and won’t make you feel pain that shouldn’t be there.

*Use a sterile water-based lubricant to help insert items. Do not use lubricants containing nonoxynol-9 or any flavored lubricants, both of which will irritate the urethra. Oil-based lubes are also not the preferred lubes, as they are harder to wash out when you’re done.

* Make sure everything you use is clean and sterile if possible… Never use an unsterilized probe.

* Be sure to pee after you’ve finished — this will help clear the urethra of any lubricant that may have entered from the outside.

* With any pair of BDSM games, you need to trust your partner.

*Be aware that urethral play, no matter how carefully done, irritates the urethra… So if you are planning any penetrative/oral sex after sounding, we recommend using a condom.

The pleasure of urethral stimulation can be amazing, so it would be a shame to miss out just because you were in too much of a hurry!


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