Stabilized plants are plants that have grown naturally in the wild or grown by gardeners in their nurseries. Then, the plants are cut and stabilized. In the process of stabilization, all natural juices will be replaced with a preservative composition. Thanks to stabilization, the plants visually and tactilely do not differ from living plants. The preservative composition does not allow the flora to fade, the plant remains bright and flexible. Unlike dried flowers, such plants do not crumble and do not break when touched. They retain their vibrant color. You can safely move them or make a real bouquet out of them. And their most important advantage is that they do not need watering and sunlight. They do not need to be sprayed, fed, fertilized or somehow cared for. Such plants retain their original appearance for many years.

Stabilized flowers are used in their work by florists and decorators, creating flower arrangements, wall panels, decor items. I would like to tell you more about one of these compositions.

Planter with stabilized moss and gypsophila is an author’s decor that will fit into any interior, suitable for both a cozy home and a strict office. The main advantage of this decor is that these are natural plants grown in nature, but due to the stabilized state, they do not need watering and sunlight, unlike living plants. An excellent solution for landscaping bathrooms, bookshelves, dark rooms, shop windows and any space away from sunlight.

Each pot is prepared by the author individually. First, a plaster mold is poured, then it goes through several stages of grinding. The next step is coloring. Then the cache-pot is varnished.

After the pots are ready, the process of assembling the entire composition begins. The main volume is stabilized moss.

Stabilized moss is known to science as Yagel lichen. In nature, it grows white, so to give it the desired shade, the moss goes through a dyeing process. Only food colorings are used in the dyeing process. After dyeing, the stabilization process begins, as a result of which all natural juices are replaced with a preservative composition based on glycerin. Thanks to stabilization, the moss retains its original appearance for many years. It is very pleasant to the touch, elastic and soft. Moss, like all stabilized plants, is hypoallergenic and absolutely non-toxic.

The finishing touches are bright twigs of stabilized gypsophila. Flower arrangement is ready! Such a bouquet will please the eye for an average of 8 years. The main thing is not to put it in direct sunlight and keep it away from heating appliances.


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