Stabilized moss is a natural material that has undergone a special processing process in which natural moisture is replaced in an environmentally friendly solution based on glycerin. Plants become strong, elastic and soft. Due to its decorative qualities and natural forms, moss is widely used in design and decorative arts. Long-lived plants have certain advantages — they do not require complex care, they are durable and hypoallergenic. Moss walls or decorative panels do not require irrigation and costly maintenance, they are thermophilic, which is important for restaurants and business centers, especially in low light conditions, there is no risk of fungal diseases or the spread of pests.

Moss Yagel:

Moss Yagel:

For the production of stabilized moss, natural Scandinavian reindeer moss is used, which has grown in the northern territories in its natural environment or in specialized farms. It is carefully assembled by hand and sent for stabilization. In other words, a natural plant is preserved, in which all biological processes are stopped. Natural juice is displaced by a special solution based on glycerin and natural minerals, which give brightness to the coating. Since the moss itself is inconspicuous, white-gray in color. There are about 30 shades of stabilized reindeer moss: yellow, olive, red, blue, purple and even black. Due to this treatment, the moss remains still soft, lush and elastic. In bundles of moss, you can find, as in living, cones, twigs, berries. In addition, after stabilization, the reindeer moss acquires new properties. It becomes more elastic and cannot fade, deteriorate or become moldy, since it lacks the living environment necessary for the reproduction of bacteria and fungi. The plant remains fresh for about 10-15 years, while not requiring costs and care, like a living organism. Its collection, production and use do not harm the environment. In addition, stabilized moss is completely harmless to humans and pets. This is a hypoallergenic material. It can be used even in children’s rooms, provided that the child does not have the opportunity to taste it.


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