Scented candles have long ceased to be just a cozy piece of furniture. After all, the heat of the flame also has a positive effect on the soul and mood.

To give or receive an aroma candle means to touch the soul of a person and give him a piece of your light.

The glow of a candle and the crackle of a wooden wick give us a sense of calm, well-being and serenity.😌 And safe aromas enrich the space with emotions and memories.

They fill the room little by little as the wax melts

✨ To relax and get rid of stress, choose: Honey and sandal, Vetiver, lemon and bergamot or Coconut and chocolate

✨ To fill the house with cheerfulness, suitable: Citrus explosion or fresh ringing Cedar

✨ To create a cozy atmosphere and cheer up, choose: Orange and cinnamon, Thyme and spices or Sweet vanilla

And how do scented candles and warm flames of fire affect your emotional state?


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