For several years now, retinol has been confidently holding the bar of one of the most popular beauty products. It is advertised by bloggers, cosmetologists, and ordinary users. What is his secret? Let’s figure it out.

Retinol is commonly referred to as one of the forms of vitamin A (fat-soluble). And it has a lot of functions. Let’s list some of them.

Retinol smoothes wrinkles, stimulates regeneration processes, normalizes skin tone and elasticity, effectively fights pigmentation and post-acne, reduces inflammation, normalizes the sebaceous glands, reduces skin oiliness, cleanses pores and makes them less noticeable, stimulates epidermis renewal, evens tone and texture skin, enhances local immunity.

However, there are a few rules that should be followed when using products with retinol, because it is a very active ingredient.

Start applying it gradually. One or two times a week will be enough to get you started.
Use it only at night. And don’t forget about sunscreen in the morning.
Do not apply retinol to damp skin.
With dry skin, after an hour, you can apply a softening, nourishing cream, with oily and combination skin, it is not necessary to cover the serum with a cream.
Do not combine retinol with other active ingredients, especially acids.

Retinol from Geltek, more precisely, Retiderm 0.25 Light Cream Serum is perfect for both novice users and active and advanced lovers of this ingredient.
An expert blend of retinol, niacinamide and antioxidants has proven to be effective in slowing down premature aging, restoring elasticity and restoring a healthy complexion.


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