There is a sea of ​​costume fabrics, but there are undoubted favorites among costume fabrics.

We will tell about one of them now!

Barbie is a costume and dress fabric, it is very popular and loved because of its properties.

Does not wrinkle and is resistant to deformation, does not lose its shape and products always look like new.

It sits well on the figure and drapes, slims any figure.

Soft enough smooth crepe texture (crepe is not pronounced)

It is a pleasure to cut, the fabric does not fray and is cut easily and simply.

Products are easy to wash at 40 degrees, in a typewriter.

Well, how? Good, right?

And what can be sewn from it?

Dresses, both everyday and elegant, and even wedding, because. white and milky color is ideal for tailoring wedding dresses, which turn out to be stunningly beautiful))

Suits, jackets, skirts and trousers look very stylish, especially if you choose a trendy color!

Waistcoats and culottes, is it necessary to say that this fabric is ideal for them too?

School uniform and dresses for girls.

That is why this fabric is so popular among suit fabrics))


Composition — polyester 95% and elastane 5%

Width — 1.5m

Density 220 g/m2


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