Many people think that finding comfortable and stylish things for expectant mothers is too difficult a task. However, the time when pregnant women bought clothes in large sizes has passed, now attractive models are being developed specifically for girls in position.

The summer season is just around the corner, which means that you can pick up fashionable clothes now. We have prepared useful tips for you when choosing a summer wardrobe for pregnant women.

Expectant mothers should definitely pay attention to the following parameters:

  • Convenience. For a pregnant girl, comfort is very important: things should not restrict movement, squeeze the stomach and lower back, pinch important vessels, and rub the seams. Spacious tunics, dresses and sundresses allow you to feel freer and look very feminine. Yes, and free cut is now popular.
  • Comfort. Opt for fabrics that are pleasant to the touch and breathable. During pregnancy, heat transfer changes, and expectant mothers often get hot, so it can become uncomfortable in synthetic fabrics. Cotton, linen, chintz or rayon are your ideal choice.
  • Color. Choose light-colored clothes, dark-colored clothes attract the sun’s rays (do you remember about heat transfer?). Pastel colors, white, beige, light blue, delicate pink and turquoise shades will not only not cause «temperature» inconvenience, but will also be pleasant to the eye.
  • The size. When choosing clothes for pregnant women, remember that you should take your size, otherwise the thing may not sit on you as intended by the manufacturer, unlike oversized clothes that look the same on any type of figure. The exception here is, perhaps, only bras. During pregnancy, the breasts increase, so the usual size of underwear will have to be adjusted upwards.
  • Practicality. A wonderful period in anticipation of the baby will end, and you will not return to your forms immediately. The best clothes are those that will serve you well in the postpartum period. Jeans that you wore before pregnancy will not fit right after giving birth, with all your desire, so models with an elastic insert will remain in your wardrobe for several more months. Please note that many models are designed not only for pregnancy, but also for feeding. Hidden zippers or buttons allow you to feed your baby without taking off your clothes, which is undoubtedly done for the convenience of a new mother.

As part of a sundress for pregnant and lactating mothers of the brand Mommy Style exclusively natural materials prevail — cotton and viscose. It can be worn at any stage of pregnancy, it does not hinder movement, allows air to pass through and is convenient for feeding the baby. A belt under the bust adds elegance to the look, while the polka dot print looks stylish and bright. Mommy Style sundress is the best choice for a hot summer during pregnancy.

Remember: any woman can feel at her best and remain elegant even while expecting a baby.

We wish you an easy pregnancy and happy shopping!

Sincerely, Mommy Style Team.


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