In the photo, shoes of the brand IRIDIS article 21071601.

About 15 years ago, orthopedists recommended special shoes for the first steps of a child: with an arch support and a high, hard back. Now everything has changed and young children are encouraged to walk more barefoot.

In the article, we will analyze such an element as an arch support for older children (schoolchildren and teenagers) — is it needed in children’s shoes.

An arch support or a podvodnik is a convex element that is located on the insole in the area of ​​​​the arch of the foot. Depending on the rigidity of this part, it can serve to prevent or correct flat feet.

A hard element is prescribed exclusively according to the testimony of a doctor! A soft and slightly pronounced supinator is called a bower. It serves for better depreciation, proper distribution of the load on the foot and prevention of flat feet. A soft arch support or a slinger will not harm the foot in any way.

In the presence of any arch support, it is important to choose the right size! The element must be located strictly under the arch of the foot!

The IRIDIS brand offers a wide range of shoes with soft arch support for schoolchildren and teenagers. There are models with more and less convex dowels. In combination with a moderately flexible outsole, the instep provides excellent cushioning for the active student, which contributes to safety, health and proper development.


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