Many girls and women love jewelry with various symbols: feathers, flowers, animals. Have you ever wondered what symbolism these nice little things are endowed with? What secret powers do they possess and what can they tell about their owner?

Let’s get acquainted with the most popular symbols in jewelry.

Symbol Tree

Tree of Life, Tree of the World. The very essence of the universe is a symbol of eternal earthly life, contributing to the birth of a new one, prosperity, fertility and prosperity.

A talisman or amulet with such a symbol will suit everyone without exception, because development and constant growth (over oneself, including) are the essence of life and its meaning. Harmonious and natural development is important for every person.

Bird symbol

In the Slavic mythological tradition, birds play a very important role. They are not only creators of worlds and representatives of higher powers, but also protectors, guides and mentors.

A bird is an opportunity to rise above the ordinary. The singing bird is a symbol of happiness.

A talisman or decoration with a bird will suit exalted personalities striving for spiritual freedom and a state of flight. Those who want to bring lightness and harmony to life.

Clover symbol

Four-leaf clover is a plant that is credited with extraordinary power. Our ancestors believed that clover helps to maintain clarity of mind, grow spiritually, and gives extraordinary luck. They used such a charm to protect against black magic, envy, damage, the evil eye.

In our time, the amulet with a four-leaf clover is aimed at acquiring good luck and financial well-being.

Feather Symbol

The talisman in the form of a feather has more than one meaning. In different cultures, traditions and legends, the feather is interpreted as a symbol of lightness and divine patronage. And, of course, it symbolizes flight, lightness and sublimity. It is believed that the pen is a symbol of poets and writers, creative people.

A decoration with a feather will be able to push the flight of thought, direct it to creation, bring lightness and harmony to the creative process.

This is just a small part of the popular symbols in jewelry for women.

The language of symbols is often perceived by a person unconsciously, at the level of intuition. And this is the surest way to choose exactly the decoration that will please you and your loved ones.

Let it not only become a stylish accent of your style, emphasize your beauty, but also bring love, good luck and prosperity to your life!


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