The desire to draw appears in kids at a very early age. The first canvases are walls and furniture. The first “paints” are everything that leaves a trace. To save your nerves and time for cleaning the apartment from the consequences of drawing, we want to tell you about the LABI tablet. For older kids (and maybe parents) we found some cool markers. It remains only to create your own masterpiece!

For the little ones

The LABI electronic drawing tablet is what your child will love! He no longer needs paper, colored pencils, paints and workspace. Included with the tablet is a special stylus with which drawings are applied to the screen. In order to delete the picture, you need to press the button on the front side. You can choose a tablet in the form of a panda, cats, bunnies, a bear, a deer. The LABI electronic drawing tablet has several other tangible advantages:

  • does not harm eyesight
  • safe to use
  • develops fine motor skills, creativity and thinking,
  • saves time and money.

For older children and their parents

Do you like to draw bright pictures? Then you will definitely need LABI markers. You can choose from 24, 36, 48, 60, 80 sets of professional double-sided markers in a storage case. You can take them with you on trips or go to nature to make sketches. The functional design marker has two working sides: on the one hand, an ultra-fine nib of 1 mm, and on the other, from 2 mm to 7 mm, wide and at the same time thin. This convenient shape allows you to easily change the line width range. You can use the markers to create sketches, manga, comics, scrapbooking, decorative cards, and more. The vibrant colors are ideal for a wide range of applications, from animation to illustration, from architectural visualization to interior sketching. One of the advantages of these markers is that they are very stable on the work surface and provide good grip, do not leave smudges and smears. The protective cap closes neatly and prevents damage to the pen. You can draw with LABI markers on paper, plastic, glass, wood.

Drawing is a great way to express yourself. If you still haven’t found a hobby for yourself, and your child is still drawing on the wallpaper, then a tablet and markers are what will save your house and make not only your child, but also you happier!


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