When choosing a dishwasher detergent, it is important to pay attention not only to the price, but also to the composition. In order to determine what is better to use: powder or tablets, you need to understand their composition.

The main component, which is the main one in cleansing, is surfactants. It is from their work that the quality of the dishwasher largely depends.

In powders and tablets, there are other components:

● chlorine;

● soda to reduce water hardness;

● oxygen bleach;

● phosphates;

● subtilisin to improve the digestion of protein residues of food;

● enzymes to fight strong pollution;

● preservatives to ensure problem-free storage, eg sodium salt;

● aromatic fragrances to give a pleasant fragrance.

We have indicated the approximate composition that is found in most manufacturers. When choosing a product, you need to look at exactly what amount of surfactants and enzymes are contained in the powder or tablets. The optimal amount is considered to be less than 5%, such products are environmentally friendly and do not harm the environment. However, it is impossible to completely abandon their use, since fats and food residues will not be completely washed off the dishes. It is for this reason that one should not be surprised that after using an absolutely environmentally friendly product, stains and food particles may remain on the dishes. To achieve an excellent washing result with ECO tablets, we recommend:

● Use longer wash cycles at higher temperatures.

● Perform preventive cleaning of PMM and filters at least once every 2 weeks.

● Use professional ECO-tablets that are guaranteed and effectively remove pollution.

Differences between powder and tablets

In tablets, it is possible to combine several components at once, which have different effects, necessary for the high-quality operation of the dishwasher. Let’s highlight the main advantages of tablets:

● In some versions of the tablets, there is a substance in the composition, thanks to which the washed dishes shine and sparkle with cleanliness. This avoids additional expenses for the rinse aid. In addition, the presence of salt in tablets also helps to save on the purchase of regenerating salt, which is needed to prevent scale in the dishwasher. If the water is very hard, and it will not be possible to completely refuse to buy rinse aid and salt, then thanks to multicomponent tablets it will be possible to reduce their consumption.

● Enzymes, which are often added to the composition of tablets, help to easily clean dishes from carbon deposits and burnt food. Therefore, there is no need to be afraid if there are enzymes in the composition, without them, as we have already found out earlier, it will be difficult to wash heavily soiled dishes.

● When using tablets, you do not need to think about the dosage of the product. The manufacturer has already done this for you. Just in case you need to do a half load, you can split the tablet in half or purchase tablets that are specially designed for short cycles, compact PMMs and half loads.

The tablets are easy to store thanks to the individual packaging that prevents substances from getting into the air. In addition, most manufacturers produce packages with tablets of different quantities. This is very convenient, as it is possible to buy the desired volume.

If we talk about powders, then they are, first of all, created for owners of PMM, in which there are no compartments for tablets. If you decide to opt for a powder, then you need to take into account the likelihood of an allergic reaction, since when pouring the powder, a small amount of it gets into the air. In addition, it is somewhat cumbersome to measure the right amount each time and add salt and rinse aid along the way.

The main disadvantage of a dosage error is the formation of too much foam, which negatively affects the operation of the dishwasher and can lead to a streak. Be careful before pouring the powder, you must first read the instructions and recommendations of a particular manufacturer.

During the comparison, it becomes clear that you can easily find a tool that will suit you. ALAPURESA dishwasher tablets combine excellent dishwashing quality and ease of use, which is their undeniable advantage. A competent approach to the operation of the PMM will help ensure its long-term use and getting the maximum benefit from this household appliance.


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