The Tarot layout for the week can be used to predict events and situations for the next week — this alignment is from the category of divination for the very near future. In another way, the alignment is called “Seven Days.” This alignment helps to prepare for difficulties.

It is able to eliminate or minimize unpredictable situations in the future. The alignment for the week determines the atmosphere of the upcoming week, and also warns of possible events. It also helps in scheduling time.

The classic layout for the week consists of 7 cards. The layout is best done on Sunday or Monday — this sets the rhythm for the whole week, plus it conveys more reliable information. But if you made a layout on some other day, for example Thursday, there is nothing to worry about, just first interpret the Thursday card, then Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays — this is the current week, and then the rest of the Wednesday, Tuesday and Monday cards will mean not situations in the past, but a forecast for the next week.

This layout can only be used once a week. If you need details, you should use another layout. Summing up takes place on the last day of the alignment. In order not to miss anything, it is advised to write down the result of the layout. The day of the week and the card or cards that fell to it, plus the interpretation of the cards. If you forget or miss something, you can always return to the record of the result and refresh your memory, or supplement the interpretation. The layout is carried out according to the following scheme:

  • 1 — Monday,
  • 2 — Tuesday,
  • 3 — environment,
  • 4 — Thursday,
  • 5 — Friday,
  • 6 — Saturday,
  • 7 — Sunday.

Cards can be laid out both in a horizontal line from left to right, and in the form of a ladder in ascending order from Monday, card 1, to Sunday, card 7. The most important thing is not the sequence of drawing cards from the deck.

Each card can describe how the events of a specific day for the week, and also, each card can be regarded as advice for a specific day of the week.

The weekly spread is useful when you are planning any significant or important business. And also in order to coordinate your actions and have time to do things to the maximum, it is most rational and useful to use the time provided to you.

When interpreting the cards in the layout for the week, pay attention to the following:

  • the fallen Major Arcana may portend changes in your life or situation, it is also possible that you will gain important life experience or learn a lesson that fate will present.
  • cards of any suits with the image of the King (man), Queen (woman), Knight (may characterize the mood) or Page (desires) — symbolize your environment and the people with whom you are in contact. Also, these people are related to your life and can influence your actions and behavior or deeds.
  • cards from Deuce to Ten of any suit characterize the areas of your life, in which area events or changes will occur.
  • Aces can indicate any beginnings or completions of cases. They can also help you find funds or strength for your affairs and plans.

In conclusion, you should analyze the alignment and count the number of cards of each suit and the Major Arcana — this is necessary to track the trend of the next week. The alignment for the week helps to unleash the inner potential and take advantage of hidden resources that, with a normal look at the situation, are not visible to you or are not available.


Before the alignment, you need to calm down and put your thoughts in order so that your consciousness does not jump from one event to another. It is recommended to clear the mind with a short meditation. It will help you relax and tune in to the necessary mood for divination. After slowly shuffling the deck, asking a formulated question about the week and laying out the cards in the required order. After that, the cards that fell out are recorded and their interpretation. Interpretations are also desirable to write down.

How to correctly formulate a question for the alignment for the week, an example:

  • what awaits me in the coming week?
  • what will the next week be like?
  • What should you prepare for next week?

After a week has passed, you can take stock and compare which events were and which ones you managed to avoid. You can also do fortune-telling on one card, thereby summing up the week and analyzing the past week as a whole.

You can make this layout on our classic universal Rider Waite tarot cards from 1910. There are 78 cards in the deck for divination and divination (22 major and 56 minor arcana). In the kit you will find: a bag for storing cards, an instruction book with a detailed interpretation and description of the meaning of the cards and layouts in Russian. There are 2 types of decks available. The decks are perfect for both beginners and already practicing tarot readers.

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