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Not long ago came from China (the Motherland of Tea)
It was something amazing for me, and most importantly, an invaluable experience, I was given a tour of the factory and tea plantations)))
There are only four criteria by which you can judge the quality of a drink. Inconsistency with at least one of them can affect the taste of tea, and, therefore, the pleasure of all tea drinking.


Tea bushes are very sensitive to growing conditions. Although, with a strong desire, they can be grown even at home on the windowsill, but tea acquires the right taste only where there is a lot of heat, light, moisture and clean air. Teas grown in the highlands and on volcanic soils are distinguished by a special delicate aroma. Countries located near the equator have such a climate. The further north the plantation, the worse the quality of the tea itself, and the poorer its harvest. If the packaging indicates that the tea was harvested in China, Kenya, Indonesia, Tanzania or Sri Lanka, this is a good sign. Such tea passes the first selection criterion among connoisseurs.


When collecting tea, only 2-3 top young leaves on a branch and buds are plucked. Over the entire history of the production of this drink, a large number of technologies have been invented for collecting tea that could perform this seemingly simple task. However, any mechanical device copes with this much worse than deft human hands. dry parts of the plant and branches fall. This negatively affects the quality of the drink. Manual labor is more expensive for producers, but it is hand-picked tea that is considered the highest quality.

tea leaf processing

After the tea is collected, it must be dried. This makes the leaves more pliable for further twisting, which is necessary for the tea leaves to release juice. It becomes a natural oxidizing agent in the next stage of production — fermentation. Here the leaves acquire the desired flavor and color for brewing. The only difference between black and green tea is that the latter is not fermented. Tea leaves also need to be dried. Drying takes place under strict temperatures, which also affects the quality of tea. After all these manipulations, tea leaves can be sent for cutting. Chopped and crushed leaves brew faster, so this tea is often packaged in tea bags.

Special taste of tea

The trip was just amazing.
The tea is amazing, the taste is so amazing that you want more and more
I would like to recommend Yammy tea — it is a rich taste with notes of exotic and elite aroma blend))


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