The period during which teeth are cut is very difficult for both the baby and the parents. Unfortunately, it cannot be avoided in any way, but you can do it in such a way as to survive it as comfortably and painlessly as possible. Let’s take a look at a few ways to do this.

1) Massage gums. The kid intuitively knows what to do to reduce pain and discomfort. That is why the baby pulls into his mouth everything that is nearby — fists, toys, and even a blanket. But this is not very effective and not hygienic. And we advise giving babies special teethers made of safe materials. There are different rodents, each of which has its own characteristics and nuances. For example, a teether — a rattle is suitable for those children who are used to chewing on their toys. It is bright, pleases the baby and perfectly fulfills its main function.

But the original teether — the cactus will be a real salvation for the baby’s «aching» gums. And this is thanks to the thoughtful shape, embossed surface and silicone bristles.

Growing up, babies can choose a teether with only one main function — a teether. It is at this moment that a food-grade silicone teether with Miyoumi wooden beads can come to the rescue! The beads are made of safe and soft wood — beech.

While the baby is very small, it is very convenient to use a soft silicone pacifier holder instead of a teether, as it can act as a teether.

Thanks to the durable and safe material of the teethers, you will always be calm about your baby.

2) The second method is a slight cooling of the gums. Experienced mothers know that the cold will relieve swelling and reduce pain. For example, you can cool a banana and give it to a child by putting it in a nibbler. Or pre-cool the rodent and give it to the baby.

Of course, whatever method you choose, do not forget that they will be much more effective if the child feels the love and care of his parents, and there are beautiful and high-quality things in his environment.


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