Until you come up with a universal card where all your data will be stored, you have to carry a bunch of documents with you. To make life easier, convenient accessories are created that you can buy for yourself or give as a gift!

What to give a loved one?

We offer to move away from hackneyed ideas and have compiled a list of real presents that will suit both women and men.

Considering the rating of souvenir and gift products, the sale of useful things comes first, for example:

cover for the passport;

business card holder for 5 cards;

cover for documents and autodocuments;

Wallet for men and women;

· money clip.

All of them are made of noble high-quality leather and are distinguished by their durability. Each product will serve you for decades.

Leather is a soft, elastic material, so when you insert documents, you will not worry about damaging them. The cover itself will protect them well from damage, dust and damage.

Leather accessories will always look noble, stylish and elegant. And over time, the soft smooth surface will acquire a light marble pattern, and the product will take on a vintage look, but this will decorate it even more.

Four reasons to buy leather accessories

· Stylish leather products in the hands of the owner will create a pleasant impression.

· Your documents will always be safe.

· Products will not lose their appearance for many years.

This is a great gift for yourself and your loved ones.

Gift Baskets

The fashion for gift sets is only gaining momentum.

“One gift is good, but several useful ones are even better!” — such a rule can be applied to all cases when you are striving to find something special.

A leather cover for a passport or for documents, a leather wallet, a credit card holder, a cardholder are a great addition to the image of a successful person. They will become a pleasant and useful gift that will definitely be used by its owner, and will not remain on the shelf like an ordinary souvenir.

Today, manufacturers offer ready-made gift sets for both men and women. In addition, their cost will not hit your pocket at all. There are different configuration options:

cover for passport and cover for documents;

Passport cover and money clip

Passport cover and business card holder.

All products are distinguished by strictness and originality of design solutions, united by a common concept and complementing each other.

The packaging box is beautifully designed, has aesthetic appeal and brand logo. This is a nice gift to a colleague, loved one or loved one. Whichever set you choose, it will become indispensable in the life of a business person.

Style, quality, practicality are the main components of all branded gift sets! Such an offer for you is a time saver. Now you do not need to run around the shops in search of something original.

Give gifts! Create a pleasant holiday atmosphere and good mood for your colleagues and loved ones!


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