Numerous flights to tourist countries have been canceled this summer. In this regard, most parents have a question about vacationing with children by the water in the summer. Someone decided to go on a trip to the Black Sea. This is one of the most popular places. You can stay in Sochi, Lazarevsky, Adler and other sunny locations in our south. If you want a relatively quiet pastime, then it is important to choose small resort settlements — Dzhankhot, Dzhubga, and so on.

Comfortable rest with children on the waters in Russia

Some parents do not prefer the Black Sea coast, but choose worthy places located close to various water bodies of our country. Russia is famous for its many beautiful lakes, on the banks of which there is a suitable infrastructure for an unforgettable family vacation with children near the water:

1. Baikal — you need to visit here at least once in your life. You can get there by air flight to Irkutsk. The air temperature in summer reaches 28-30°C.

2. Zavyalovsky lakes — a unique complex of lakes stretches on the steppe Altai plain (250 km from Barnaul). Numerous sanatoriums and tourist bases operate on the banks of reservoirs.

3. Seliger — a magnificent lake in the direction of St. Petersburg, you can get there by car in 5-6 hours, moving through Tver. And this is only a small part for a wonderful family vacation by the water. In Russia, there are a huge number of beautiful places where you should definitely visit.

Summer water safety

Having decided on a location for family pastime near the water, you need to start packing your bags. During parenting holidays, the safety of children on the water is a top priority that requires special attention. The list of basic items that you need to take with you is almost the same: personal items, a beach mat, sunscreen with a maximum level of UV rays, hats, children’s kits for water (inflatable ring, vest, ball).

Children, relaxing by the water with their parents, actively play, splash, sunbathe, build sand castles and come up with all kinds of fun for their fun leisure. Adults should show maximum attention and care for children.

Basic water safety rules for children: one adult must be in the pond with the child; children should not get supercooled, so they need to be taken ashore to sunbathe and warm up from time to time; it is not recommended to plunge into the water when it is very hot; training in the swimming process is carried out strictly under control adults, and using a children’s inflatable swimming ring, armlets. If you are interested in purchasing proven and high-quality things for your children, then we suggest buying a Baby Swimmer bathing set. In a set: an inflatable circle, a ball, and also armlets.

The proposed accessories are designed to keep children safe on the water. The bright design of the set brings even more joy to the children. Items are made of high-quality PVC, reliable valves, soft seams. Take care of a safe vacation with a child by the water in advance and order a bathing set at a discounted price, which you can also take with you to the water park or pools located in open areas.


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