You have a variety of toys at home, but the child always needs adults so that he is not bored. Playing activity up to 6-7 years of the child is the main one. He acquires new skills and learns to interact with the outside world. Why does the child not want to play alone?

  • No skill. Parents should teach their child to play independently. You need to show what variety of games you can come up with with each toy. So that the child has a choice.
  • Lack of communication. Make time for quality communication with your children from an early age. Instill in your child the confidence that you are interested in him, and you will never forget about him and will not leave. Over time, children adapt to independent play.
  • Until the age of 3-4 years, the skills of independent play have not yet been formed, therefore, up to this age, parents are needed for the game and this should not be neglected.
  • Toys are no longer suitable for age or simply tired of the child. It happens that we do not update toys at home for a long time or buy what we consider interesting, and not what the child really likes. For children from 3 years old and earlier, a designer is suitable, for example, «Flower Garden» Kiddiboom. It is distinguished by a variety of colors and shapes. All parts are interchangeable, large enough and easy to connect. By studying the order of setting the details, the skills of logical thinking come.
  • Huge variety of toys. It happens that there are a lot of toys in the house that solve 1-2 game tasks. Remember also about creativity and role-playing games. And for each topic, one game is enough.

Teaching a child to play

Consider the interests of the child, choose games that are interesting for him, and not what you would like. Give your children a choice. Spend time with your child and play with him so that he does not have thoughts that you are not interested in him. Lack of communication leads to the fact that in the end you won’t even take a step without a baby. Encourage him, give him the opportunity to set his own rules of the game. Do not forget about understanding and acceptance. Conscious parents are happy children.


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