Microfiber is the best material for making towels. The advantage of its fabric is in the special structure of microfibers, which retain moisture between their grooves. In addition, microfiber is 100 times thinner than a human hair. Therefore, microfiber perfectly absorbs moisture, gently dries hair and does not cause allergies.

This fabric absorbs moisture three times faster than cotton, so the drying process of the hair is accelerated. At the same time, it remains very gentle and accurate, because microfiber does not injure the hair structure and does not irritate the scalp.

And for those who like to make an abstraction from a towel on their heads, there are hooded towels. Most often they are made of microfiber and stretch. But for the health of the hair, it is not recommended to walk in the hood for a very long time, especially twisting it tightly. Because in this way you can damage the structure of the hair.

What is more convenient?

It’s up to you! Someone is comfortable and likes special hoods, while someone is old-fashioned, just twists his hair with a towel.

Can the towel/hood be used as a gift?

Of course yes! After all, a towel or a microfiber hood is an ideal gift for mom, grandmother or girlfriend. After all, this is an indispensable thing in the bath!

What is the advantage of our microfiber towel?

This towel is very small and light, which is why you can put it in even the smallest handbag and go to the pool with it. It also perfectly attracts all the water and even the smallest hairs. Thanks to a microfiber towel, your skin and hair will be dry, and you will not need to have a lot of room for a terrycloth.

Order a microfiber towel and dry your hair gently!


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