In Russia, crocheting has become widespread since the end of the 19th century. Craftswomen knitted mostly lace, borrowing patterns from folk cross-stitch and weaving.

Nowadays, crochet has become very popular and has become one of the favorite activities, because learning to crochet is easy, easier than knitting. Recently, souvenirs and crafts have also been crocheted.

Crochet is characterized by speed and the ability to create not only dense, embossed patterns, but also thin, openwork, reminiscent of a lace fabric. Crochet is used for making whole clothes

Just imagine that a girl / mother / grandmother independently knitted a fashionable headband, a warm scarf or a phone case — what delight will this cause in the creator?)))

Anyone can start knitting at any age. There is plenty of literature on the Internet for this, for example: Karen Mantei, Susan Brittain. Crochet for dummies. How to learn to crochet. Schemes, models, patterns. Highly recommend.

Lifehack from my grandmother: if there is not enough money to buy threads, you can go to Second hand stores and buy a knitted thing, wash it, unravel it, wash the yarn again and wind it into balls — and now the material for creativity is ready!

It will not be difficult for professionals to choose a «working tool», but for a beginner it is more correct to take a ready-made set. In our HandMadeShop and BearKa store there are ready-made kits that will cover the needs of both a beginner entering the world of amazing creativity and a professional who earns his «bread» with this.

Get these sets for yourself, for your relatives and friends as a gift and let creativity reveal itself in all its glory!


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