What to give for the holiday? The age-old question is what kind of gift to make, a present to relatives, friends, acquaintances, colleagues. It is desirable that it be useful, versatile, in line with modern trends and packaged beautifully. Let’s figure this out together!

At present, the market demand for goods is quite huge. Which makes our question even more problematic. Let’s take an example of objects in the average price range. Popular gifts for a man or woman are:

  • Shaving kit, shampoos, perfumes. risky gift. You can not guess the smell and then the complete collapse of the gift set. It will lie for years or be given to other people. In addition, a good set of eau de parfum or perfume is no longer the average price range. You can give a gift certificate, but this is no longer an original gift.
  • Stationery is a good choice as a gift for co-workers, boss or office worker. Everything is fine, but it is necessary to carefully study the preferences of the hero of the occasion. Thin paste or thick, what shape and color the rod is, whether a diary or calendar is often used, and more.
  • Items with photos and inscriptions to order are a common gift, an individual approach. You need to spend time to find both the designer and the seller in one person. We do not always get the expected result, which can disappoint both the congratulator and the congratulator.
  • Flowers are a wonderful gift, very beautiful and lively. Even if we guess the type of roses or tulips, knowing the preferences, then the emotions will be so short-lived until you put them in a vase. And after a couple of days, this beauty will fall into the trash bag and disappear. Flowers can be a beautiful addition to the main gift, but nothing more.
  • Very often lately it has been customary to give money — often they go not for a gift, but for current needs. In this case, the gift and the event itself are completely forgotten.

We do not understand what is important on a holiday. These are, of course, EMOTIONS, MEMORIES, ENERGY EXCHANGE between guests and heroes of the occasion. There is a way out….

  • A gift set of nuts and dried fruits is an ideal gift for men, women, children, teachers, colleagues, suitable as a present, bribe, gift, healthy snack. First, you can share 12 types of snacks, some of the guests for the first time can try this premium set. Secondly, the usefulness of the product is gaining momentum in the 21st century, vegetable fats and vitamins, snacks for vegetarians and pp food, healthy snacks. Thirdly, it is convenient to take separate bags with you on vacation, to work, on the road, on vacation. Nuts are very nutritious, you can’t eat a lot of them. It is convenient to take on a long journey or a business trip, hiking. Fourth, beautiful design from the brand brain food will not force you to think about additional packaging. A postcard is a great addition to a gift. And the most important fifth point is positive emotions, give them as often as possible to relatives, friends, share tastes during the celebration of the celebration, over a cup of tea or a picnic. Mix a healthy snack!


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