All parents are looking forward to the appearance of the first teeth in babies, because this is a new step on the way to growing up. But young moms and dads usually have a lot of questions that they can find answers to in this article.

When will the first teeth erupt and what does it depend on?

In general, each child is absolutely individual and completely different from others, so all terms are quite vague and depend on various factors. Namely:

  • Climate. Scientists have long noticed that children who live in colder climates develop teeth earlier than those who live in warmer environments.
  • Floor. It is strange, but true, that according to statistics, the first teeth appear in girls earlier than in boys (on average, at 6 months).
  • Food. It is logical that the more calcium the baby receives, the faster teeth will erupt, because this element is part of human bone tissue.
  • Genetics. This plays a significant role in the formation of not only teeth, but the whole organism as a whole. For example, if dad’s first tooth erupted at 5 months and mom’s about the same, then the child will soon become a critter.

“Doctors say that teeth appear at about 7-8 months, and a full set by 2.5-3 years. Just do not worry if your child is already 9 months old, and nothing has erupted yet. Specialists can talk about the presence of pathologies only after 12 months, if the teeth have not yet appeared.

How to relieve pain?

When a baby’s teeth erupt, the gums begin to become inflamed, as a result of which he feels severe discomfort, itching, burning and pain. This prevents him from eating, sleeping, playing and living in general. In addition, constant tantrums interfere with already tired parents, so you need to somehow deal with this pain.

  • Gingival cooling. Offer your child a toy chilled in the refrigerator or a teether filled with cool water. You can also try to give your baby to chew a napkin dipped in cold chamomile infusion.
  • Toddlers constantly tend to scratch the sore spot, as they experience severe itching in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bfuture teeth. Therefore, it is worth giving him special toy, which is made of gel and will not be able to damage delicate gums. It’s also best to pick up any toys that have hard corners, as your baby will want to scratch them too.
  • gum massage. Parents can gently, without pressure, massage the child’s gums, but only with clean, cool hands.

Now you know how to save your beloved baby from severe pain and discomfort, but do not forget that if you are going to use drugs to relieve pain, then you need to consult a specialist.


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